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Best Coffee Shops in Downtown New Bedford


Michael Silvia
by Michael Silvia

If you are looking for a good cup of coffee downtown New Bedford has a lot to offer. Over the past few years several coffee shops have popped up in downtown. Each has their own appeal depending on your taste. In no particular order, here are the best coffee shops:

Celtic Coffee House

Celtic Coffee New Bedford
Celtic Coffee New Bedford

42 North Water Street, New Bedford, MA 02740-6335
(508) 992-1004

Details: Celtic Coffee House is the new kid on the block offering a choice of Irish and local foods and has different varieties of coffee (i.e. dark, medium and light). The inside is beautiful as the barn-wood interior and fireplace makes you feel right at home. The wait staff is always friendly and provide great service. Celtic Coffee offers free WiFi and plenty of room to either do work, chat with friends or read a book. Celtic recently added an ice cream parlor that offers a wide variety of flavors.

Perfect for: Workers (free WiFi), book readers, tourists, kids (ice cream and sweets) and Soup/Sandwich/Desert lovers.

Green Bean

740 Purchase Street, New Bedford, MA 02740-6344
(508) 984-3300

The Green Bean offers the largest selection of tea of any of the coffee houses and has an excellent vegetarians/vegans menu. If you are a BCC student this is the best place to grab a quick drink/snack if you are in a rush. The only downside with the Green Bean is that they canceled the WiFi so forget about bringing your laptop to do some work.

Perfect for: BCC students (right across the street), Tea Drinkers (largest variety) and vegetarians/vegans.

Café Arpeggio

Cafe Apreggio New Bedford
Cafe Arpeggio New Bedford

800 Purchase Street, New Bedford, MA 02740-6354
(508) 999-2233

Café Arpeggio is an excellent coffee house with a large selection of sandwiches, baked goods and ice cream. They are also the only coffee house in downtown that has live music with an “open Mic” every Thursday evening. If you are an inspiring musician, stop by any Thursday evening as the crowd is friendly.

Perfect for: Musicians, Workers (free WiFi) and Sandwich/Desert lovers

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