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2013 New Bedford Elections


The November 5th, 2013 New Bedford Elections Results can be seen here. 

New Bedford Elections 2013

Here is a list of candidates for the 2013 New Bedford elections. Here are also some articles you may find useful.

(I) = Incumbent

New Bedford MA Mayoral Elections

Confirmed Candidates

New Bedford City Council At Large Election

At-Large Councilors are elected by popular vote and represent all of New Bedford.  The top five finishers are elected to an At-large City Councilors position.  Here are the current New Bedford At-large City Councilors:


*Denis Lawrence, Jr. (I) is not seeking re-election.

New Bedford Ward City Council Elections

Ward Councilors are elected by the people of specific wards.  New Bedford has six distinct wards.

Ward 1

Ward 2

Ward 3

Ward 4

Ward 5


* Jane Gonsalves (I) – is NOT seeking re-election. Details here.

Ward 6

  • Joseph P. Lopes (I) – Website
  • Ian Saunders

New Bedford School Committee Election

  • Bruce J. Oliveira (I) – Appointed to the school committee, not elected. – Facebook. Running unopposed for a 2-year term.

Preliminary Elections


  • Michael Jansen

New Bedford Assessor Election

  • Peter Berthiaume

Have information regarding a candidate? e-mail use at info@newbedfordguide.com.


  1. !!!!Please don’t vote for this Mentally defect candidate Elizabeth S. Watkins!!!!!!
    She walks the Park Dale housing development complex harassing everyone in her sight. Talks non sense about irrelevant issues that does not matter for anyone’s concern. Very argumentative towards the public citizens of New Bedford, including minor youth around the neighborhood. She is a danger to her self and society. Elizabeth S. Watkins needs to be in a mental ward never mind a city council position.

    • Yes I agree, Elizabeth S. Watkins is a person of low moral character. Only in this race for self gain bragging rights and self recognition. Today I heard she called the police on some little kids in the neighborhood stating they were trowing rocks at her and using profanity towards her. Which in doubt is not true at all, Really kids are doing this? She is a PUSILLANIMOUS instead of communicating with the parents, she just going to jump the gun and call the police department. Wow, she just lost my vote too!
      Thank you,

  2. All of the incumeants are in it for themselves! 44% raise anyone? Former councilors miss the $$ so much they want back in too! Time for fresh faces and ideas.

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