18 Demonstrators arrested for blocking roads at Pipeline Project in Sandisfield


The names of those charged with trespassing today in Sandisfield are listed below. To reiterate what was previously released, the 18 protesters blocked two access roads and indicated that they wanted to be arrested. They notified State Police beforehand that they would not comply with requests to disperse from the roads. After the protesters, in two groups of nine, chose not to comply with repeated requests to them to cease blocking the access roads, they were charged with trespassing. They are scheduled to appear in Great Barrington District Court next Monday.

All those arrested were respectful and peaceful.

Those arrested were:

JOHN K. COHEN, 79, of Northampton;
RONALD R. COLER, 61, of Ashfield;
JOAN L. LEVY, 64, of Pelham;
REMA LOEB, 84, of Plainfield;
MICKY McKINLEY, 72, of Montague;
ASAPH MURFIN, 74, of Leverett;
HARRIET NESTEL, 78, of Athol;
JAMES PERKINS, 78, of Leverett;
AMY PULLEY, 61, of Cummington;
DIANE SIBLEY, 68, of Ashfield;
VIVIENNE L. SIMON, 66, of Northampton;
STEPHEN J. STOIA, 69, of Northfield;
SUSAN L. TRIOLO, 67, of Sunderland;
BENJAMIN JAMES VANARNAM, 30, of Easthampton;
LYDIA VERNON-JONES, 68, of Amherst;
MARTIN H. URBEL, 74, of Northampton; and
KEVIN A. YOUNG, 32, of Northampton.

Massachusetts State Police arrested 18 demonstrators for trespassing at two separate locations at the Sandisfield Pipeline Extension project this morning. The arrested persons were in two groups of nine, with each group blocking a different access road to obstruct members of the project team conducting tree cutting operations. The blocked locations were approximately one-half mile apart.

The demonstrators were all peaceful and respectful. After refusing requests to move from the roads, they were arrested and charged with trespassing. They will be brought to the Berkshire County House of Correction for processing and eventually arraigned in the Great Barrington District Court.

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