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11 Massachusetts Democrats sponsor bill to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections


A bill sponsored by eleven Massachusetts Democrats to allow non-U.S. citizens to vote in local elections continues to move forward by legislators in Boston. The bill introduced in the Massachusetts House was referred to the Joint Committee on Election Laws on January 23 of this year. The Massachusetts Senate concurred on the same day and there have been joint hearings on the bill in June and October of this year.

The following legislators sponsored the bill:

Rep. Byron Rushing [D] Rep. Denise Provost [D] Rep. David Rogers [D] Rep. Daniel Donahue [D] Rep. Marjorie Decker [D] Rep. Jose Tosado [D] Rep. Michelle Dubois [D] Rep. Kay Khan [D] Sen. James Eldridge [D] Rep. Carlos Gonzalez [D] Rep. Elizabeth Malia [D]

They key part of the bill:

“Notwithstanding the provisions of section one of chapter fifty-one of the general laws or any other general or special law to the contrary, non-citizens, 18 years of age or older, residing in a city or town that accepts section 1G, inclusive, may upon application have their names entered on a list of voters established by the municipal election officials, and may thereafter vote in any municipal election for school committee, school committee questions, city council and board of selectmen for so long as they remain domiciled in the municipality.”

Full text of the bill:


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  1. NO! Absolutely not! This is a “right” of citizens of this country, state, county and city! This is not a – just because you live here – you can vote! If you want to vote, become a citizen, simple as that.

  2. This is why im changing my party! Dems have screwed up the party. The only people who have the right to vote in our country are US citizens, if you want to vote become one legally! I am so done with this crap it’s enough to make me become a republican after 40+years as a dem. Are you for real I will remember these 11 names & they will not get my vote ! Democrats hope you are listening keep going this way you will lose ! I used to be proud to be an American, now ashamed.

  3. Everyone should be able to participate
    And vote. Why are you people so hung up on nonsense? Just curious ,are you going to live forever? If you are thinking no. LIVE. AND LET LIVE

    • does that mean that you will also allow a Muslim to come in your house and take over and make you there servants just you are considered lower then a dog so whats yours is now there’s ,hell the blacks also feel that way, so we the american people say you are both enemies of the U.S. but continue to live on your knees with your eyes closed .

    • Let the Russuan immigranrs that are not Citizen”s VOTE, but impeach President Trump because his son TALKED to a Russian?

    • It’s time for this “it’s all about me” generation to get a clue. There are rules and laws for a reason and No one should be above those rules and laws.

    • you stew ped bass terd

  4. Citizenship is meaningful. Only citizens have a right to make decisions affecting our polity.

  5. I am a legal resident, and I’m against this bill.

  6. Val your are a true American that believes in our constitutional rights

  7. This is crazy. This state is going to become California in a matter of no time. We are already damn near broke, we keep taxing everyone on every little thing and we see nothing from it. We have addicts running the city to the point cops are not arresting and doing their jobs. We have told the country we will hide any illegal from ICE. Illegals are already winning in MA so why give them the right to vote when they are NOT CITIZENS. Because liberals and dems need as much help to take Donnie out in 2020 ( which they wont ) with the ” Popular ” vote. This is a tactic so they eliminate the electoral college vote people.

  8. The dumbing down of America! I would never vote for a Democrat. I am a recovering Democrat. The dems ruined this country!

  9. I am SCI and my PCA came here from Kenya in 2003. She was living in the Houston,TX area and working as a pca. She answered an ad on craigslist by my injury attorney for a pca to work for me. In August of 2010 we were at Fenway when she became a citizen. The dems keep coming up w/new ways to show what my Big Brother of America told me about them many years ago.

  10. Rachell, did you pass your 8th grad constitution test? I would guess not. Are you actually a citizen of the USA?

    • My guess is that Rachel was questioning why anyone would get this upset over non-citizens voting for school committee and city counse, in the town where they live and their children go to school? I am not a Democrat and am not even saying that I agree with the bill, but I am no way going to get all up in arms about it. Our voter turnouts are pathetic in national elections, and even worse in local ones. Most people do not even vote for city counsel and school committee members and for those of us who do, 99% of us do not know the person we are voting for. It’s a crap shoot. Nobody follows school committee and city counsel race… So who gives a shit? Seriously? The real crime is voter suppression. I wish you guys would get half as upset about that as you do letting someone on a work visa vote for city counsel.

  11. This of course is political grandstanding, nobody expects this to go anywhere.

    But I do agree that illegals should be able to vote in the democrat’s primaries.

    The democrats have every right to allow anybody they want to vote in their own party primaries.

    So as a compromise, let’s let illegals vote in democratic primaries only for now.

    SURELY democrats would support this. No?

  12. Why on earth is the party up in arms about non-citizens (i.e. Russia) interfering with an election the same party that wants non-citizens voting? We’ll just have foreign countries sending people to vote to change the outcomes of elections. Heck of a lot easier on them than buying advertising and they’re guaranteed every vote. No sense at all!

  13. No !! Absolutely not! I am a citizen and born in Massachusetts and I am against this bill.

  14. Although we are a Country born from immigrants I do take issue with this bill. My Maine problem with it is if you don’t pay taxes and help take care of the community you live in ie Police Department fire department trash Water and Sewer then you shouldn’t have a say!
    but those of us who are legally able to vote should be doing so !! The numbers in the past years are an insult to our military!

  15. Boy, you all take city counsel and school committee elections pretty seriously, huh? Lol. Friggen’ phonies! Voter turnout in those elections are terrible and those who do vote (like myself), almost no one even.knows who they are voting for. It’s a guess, it’s a crapshoot. Nobody follows city counsel and school committee races. Listen to to you guys act all outrage over an election that more than half of you vote in, and more than 90% of you won’t folliow. Let people with work visas vote in these things or don’t let them vote, I don’t care. There guess us as good as mine, lol. This phony outrage is hysterical! Wish you guys got this mad over voter suppression….

  16. squatters rights would you allow a bunch of squatters to live and work your land ? would you allow them to have intercourse with your daughters and sons have babies and demand of you there rights ,
    all these demo RATS are traders to the Republic of Massachusetts take there names as they should not be in any elected office EVER

  17. It’s time for this “it’s all about me” generation to get a clue. There are rules and laws for a reason and No one should be above those rules and laws.

  18. Paula Hallal What a slap in the face to the citizens of this state and country. Keep it up Progressives and those will be the only votes you end up with. Any citizen with functioning brain cells, no matter their party, will realize how a move like this undermines the privilege of being a citizen of this country.and its constitution . Are you kidding me?

  19. We should be working on getting (or convincing) those currently eligible to vote, to get out and vote! Voter turnout in elections has seen consistently low turnout percentages, largely based on the voters feeling their voices go unheard and the nature of the political parties and those holding elected office. Non-U.S. citizens will surely help the Democratic candidates.

  20. RACHELL, because they are NOT citizens, that’s why !

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