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“The Unadoptables” web show coming this summer; sponsors needed


Puppies, kittens and cute dogs and cats are very adoptable. Older dogs/cats, those with behavioral or medical issues, are not. In many ways these animals are “unadoptable” and languish for long periods of times, sometimes over a year, in pet shelters. There are plenty of humans willing to offer a loving home to them, but they just need to be alerted of a pet in need. Along comes a weekly film project called “The Unadoptables.”

The concept is to coordinate with pet shelters in the South Coast, MA area and have them send details on the least adoptable dogs, cats and other legally adoptable pets. The ones that are too old, have medical conditions, don’t do well with children, etc. We’ll then have a “team” of experts (vets, trainers) work with the animals, help make them adoptable and provide future care once the pet is adopted. We will also have sponsors pay the shelter’s adoption fee and provide a “starter kit” of supplies to the new owner. Basically, the show will take away every barrier for adoption and provide the marketing to a 100,000+ residents in the South Coast, MA area.

Sponsors Needed

Here are a list of sponsors needed:

  1. Veterinarians: We need several veterinarians to sponsor an initial check up and a few months or more of future care.
  2. Dog trainers: We need trainers willing to offer their serves for initial work and for one month or more.
  3. Pet stores: We need pet stores to provide a new owner starter kit (food and supplies for a new pet owner).
  4. Sponsors/Advertisers: We need advertisers willing to pay for the cost of production and pet shelter adoption fee.

In return for sponsoring the show, sponsors will be mentioned in the TV show with a “thanks to our sponsors” or a short advert. Additionally, sponsors may get advertising on New Bedford Guide’s website and social media presence. Contact info@newbedfordguide.com to sponsor The Unadoptables web-based show.

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  1. Interest in being a host on your show.

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