Elephant Petition to help Ruth & Emily retire


Elephant Petition “Sign-Up” (Buttonwood Zoo Photo)

On Saturday, September 14, 2013, the Friends of Ruth and Emily Elephants will have a “sign-up” table at Buttonwood Park in front of the elephant exhibit. New Bedford registered voters are encouraged to stop by and sign a petition for this November’s local ballot that would allow Ruth and Emily, the City’s two Asian elephants, to retire to a Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Buttonwood Park Zoo’s timetable for disposition of the elephants requires closing the exhibit after one of the elephants dies. This petition asks that the City Council donate both elephants now while they can still enjoy the benefits of a Sanctuary.

3 thoughts on “Elephant Petition to help Ruth & Emily retire

  1. No elephant should be used by man for work or entertainment. They are not our servants. Please let them go to a lovely retirement home xx

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