2019 New Bedford Polar Plunge

Live at the New Bedford Polar Plunge at Fort Taber organized by the New Bedford Police Union for the Massachusetts Special Olympics.

The Highway Murders – Third Trailer

“We are on the home stretch and just released a third trailer.” – Aaron Cadieux

In 1988, eleven women vanished from the streets of New Bedford, Massachusetts. By the spring of 1989, the remains of nine victims had been discovered along the highways surrounding the city.

Two of the women were never found. What followed became one of the most infamous unsolved serial murder cases in American history. This is the story of the victims, their families, the investigation, and nearly three decades of unanswered questions. This is the story of, “The Highway Murders . . .

Spotlight: Pub 6T5 family meatball recipe (New Bedford)

Who loves meatballs? Here’s a look at Pub 6T5’s (736 Ashley Blvd in New Bedford) family meatball recipe.

Spotlight: Knuckle Heads Bar & Grill in New Bedford

Love amazing food and rock music? Here’s a look at a typical Friday night and amazing food at Knuckle Heads Bar & Grill (85 MacArthur Dr, New Bedford) – to include fried scallops, clams, lobster roll, Portuguese steak and more!

Pub 6T5’s family meatloaf recipe (New Bedford)

Who loves meatloaf? Here’s a look at Pub 6T5’s (736 Ashley Blvd in New Bedford) family meatloaf recipe.

Recreational marijuana discussion with New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell

Has recreational marijuana been “zoned out” of New Bedford? We asked Mayor Mitchell that question and if New Bedford is getting left behind while other nearby cities and towns welcome recreational shops.

Full interview:

Spotlight: Cafe Roma in New Bedford

Love Italian food? Fish and chips? Here’s a look at some of the offerings at Cafe Roma at 3371 Acushnet Ave. in New Bedford.

Spotlight: The Donut Factory – amazing shakes in New Bedford

Want an amazing shake? Here’s a look at some of the delicious shakes at The Donut Factory at 102 Rockdale Ave. in New Bedford. Strawberry shortcake, cookies and cream and many more!

Seaport Inn – scallops risotto, seared tuna, and fried brussel sprouts

Here’s a look at the scallops risotto, seared tuna, and fried brussel sprouts appetizer at the Seaport Inn Grill on 110 Middle Street in Fairhaven near the New Bedford/Fairhaven bridge.

Spotlight: Acoreana MFG – Linguiça production in Fall River

MADE IN FALL RIVER: Acoreana MFG (210 Alden St) produces some of the best Linguiça and Chouriço in the world right here in Fall River. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Acoreana’s Linguiça and Chouriço production and grocery store.

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