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Would You Eat a 3D Printed Steak?


Earlier this month Aleph Farms in conjunction with the Israel Institute of Technology unveiled the world’s first ribeye steak using 3D bio-printing and cells from a cow without the need to injure the animal. From their blog:

“This breakthrough reflects an artistic expression of the scientific expertise of our team,” enthuses Didier Toubia, our Co-Founder and CEO. “I am blessed to work with some of the greatest people in this industry.

We recognize some consumers will crave thicker and fattier cuts of meat. This accomplishment represents our commitment to meeting our consumer’s unique preferences and taste buds, and we will continue to progressively diversify our offerings,” adds Toubia. “Additional meat designs will drive a larger impact in the mid and long term.

This milestone for me marks a major leap in fulfilling our vision of leading a global food system transition toward a more sustainable, equitable and secure world.”

On Facebook they shared the following:

“Today, we’re excited to share our proof-of-concept of the world’s first cultivated ribeye steak. Made possible by our incredible team using three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting technology, we now have the ability to cultivate any type of steak of any dimension.

Addressing the growing demands of varying individual preferences and food cultures around the world is critical to our mission to drive the greatest impact possible, so we couldn’t be happier to share this update with our community.”

Would you be inclined to try the product? Can you see yourself buying a 3D printer and creating steaks instead of growing to the grocery store? Does the idea of a slaughter-free steak make you more inclined to eat meat?

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