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Woman tells story of wrestling small dog from pit bull’s mouth on The Ave


The following was submitted to us from a fan:

“I drove up on a man trying to wrestle a small dog out of his pit bulls mouth. No one was helping him so I left my car in the middle of The Ave jumped out and helped.

We tried punching him, throwing water on him and his owner was begging him to let go. The pit bull was in between my legs & I pulled up on his collar until he released. I let him go and realized he was unconscious. In that moment I thought I killed him. As much as I didn’t want the little guy hurt I didn’t want to hurt this pit bull. He regained consciousness.

I didn’t think for a moment of that dog hurting me. Something inside of me said you can stop this. You need to stop this. It was God and he was right. I didn’t get hurt. Not a scratch.

The small dog had injuries to his ear but his crackhead owner was more interested in getting ice cream the taking up my offer to give her a ride to a vet.

I am not mentally okay right now. Ryjani is not mentally ok right now. But that little dog is alive.”

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