Woman robbed on Wilding Street in Fairhaven


Fairhaven Police Department responded to a reported armed robbery that occurred on Wilding Street just before 2:30 Monday afternoon. A female victim told police a white male, with black hair, approximately 5’3”, wearing baggy blue jeans, a grey hooded sweatshirt and a gorilla mask grabbed a purse she was holding.

According to the victim, the two struggled over the purse until the suspect managed to snatch it away from the victim. The suspect fled on foot into Livesey Park, where he was chased down by the victim who reportedly jumped on his back. The two struggled over the purse a second time. The suspect managed to take the purse away from the victim a second time. He fled towards Parker Street, while simultaneously dumping the contents of the purse on the ground. He discarded the purse and brandished a firearm at the victim as she was collecting her belongings. The victim stated he then fled on foot to Parker Street.

While police were responding, they were informed the suspect was seen running into a house on Parker Street. They began preparing for an armed, barricaded suspect scenario. However, within a few minutes, the home owner met with police and it was quickly determined and confirmed that no one had entered the premises. An extensive search of the area was conducted. The suspect was not located and there were no reported injuries. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Fairhaven Police Department at 508-997-7421.

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