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Who Remembers….Eight (almost) Forgotten Technologies?


The old adage “Time flies!” becomes increasingly louder as we get older. What seems like a tired cliche begins to gain momentum and demands attention. Seems like last year I was changing my daughter’s diapers and all of a sudden I am having conversation about world affairs, geography, and DNA with my 13 year old daughter.

How did that happen?!

It’s a great reminder that often we go through our day on a sort of auto-pilot. Days merge into days, weeks become a blur and years pass in fast forward. Recalling nostalgia is a fantastic way to take a bit back from the speeding progress of time. A rewind or pause.

There is something odd about the entire process. These things we recall are often not even things we were fond of when they were prevalent. In fact, we may even dislike or despise them – yet, conjuring them evokes a smile or chuckle.

Here are five “technologies” or gadgets that we’ve likely forgotten. However, at their mere mention we declare “OH YEAH!!” Thus they are “(almost)” forgotten. Let’s have a little fun!

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