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Who remembers … 5 Candy Bars from the 70s and 80s?


2. Reggie! Bar

The Reggie! bar made by Clark was clearly a way to draw in the kids – what boy didn’t play or watch baseball? Slap a popular sports figure like New York Yankees right fielder Reggie Jackson on the wrapper and it wouldn’t take long to have a best seller.

The “bar” would deviate from the traditional candy bat shape in that it was a patty. a patty covered in chocolate and peanuts with a caramel center.

And every kid would unwrap that patty and make poop jokes and we’d all laugh, chomp it down and perhaps actually play some baseball.

While it died out in 1982, Clark would try to revive it in the 90s with a peanut butter center instead of caramel, but it wasn’t enough and it died within a year.

3. PB Max

Another candy bar that strayed from the traditional shape but still called a candy “bar” was the PB Max. This wasn’t a “poop” patty but it was a large square bar. It did deviate from the standard ingredients of chocolate, peanuts, and caramel in that it was made of peanut butter and oats on a cookie base, then covered in milk chocolate.

When the bar first came out Mars company who manufactured them did not state what PB stood for in their commercials, a part of their marketing campaign. Mars company would have fun with that and produced commercials saying it meant various things like portly ballerina, penguin black-belt, plow boy, pure bliss, parachuting buffalo, or pink baboon.

Every kid would have a blast coming up with variations of what PB meant, some were rather crude. But what kid would want more than a delicious candy bar that came with a little fun? At one point the bar would leave its paper wrapper and be sold in a small box.

There are rumors that the company will begin making the discontinued bar again this year (2019).

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