Westport animal lovers donate vests to protect Bristol County Sheriff K9s

“When it comes to keeping his partner safe, Lt. Kenny Almeida doesn’t mix words.

“They do so much for us,” Lt. Almeida said of his partner, K9 Will. “We need to protect them as much as possible.”

The generosity of some animal-lovers in the community is helping our four-legged officers get that protection.

Recently, Lt. Almeida joined Sgt. William Dillingham and Capt. Paul Douglas for a visit to Eric Letendre’s Dog Training School on Route 6 in Westport, where they picked up a generous donation to purchase ballistic protection vests for Bristol County dogs.

The Westport Fourth of July Parade Committee Inc. made a donation, and there was also a donation made in the name of Eli Palmer, a former law enforcement K9.

The vests being purchased for our K9s have the same ballistic rating as the vests worn by our officers.

“There is no reason whatsoever in which they shouldn’t have the same amount of protection as everyone else,” Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said of the BCSO K9. “Our dogs are amazing and they risk their lives at work the same as the rest of the team.”

The K9 team also recently received donations from Michael Panagakos of Panagakos Development, as well as Dr. David and Jane Askew of Dartmouth Dental. All three are animal-lovers and longtime supporters of the BCSO K9 program.

On behalf of Sheriff Hodgson and the entire BCSO, thanks to K9 Eli Palmer, Eric Letendre’s Dog Training School, the Westport Fourth of July Parade Committee Inc., Michael Panagakos and Dr. David and Jane Askew for their generosity.

All photos by Bristol County Sheriff’s Office:

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