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Was there a kidnapping in New Bedford on Wednesday?


According to the New Bedford police logs, there was a reported kidnapping in New Bedford at Clasky Common park on Wednesday at 5:36 am in New Bedford.

I reached out to the New Bedford Police but they aren’t releasing any information at this time, only saying that the incident is under investigation.

The charges give a clue to what the reported kidnapping may be about:

1. Kidnapping
2. Intimidate Witness/Juror/Police/Court Official
3. Unarmed robbery
4. Assault and battery.

It clearly involved a someone with a case against them and possibly a witness in their trial. It’s not uncommon in New Bedford for some of the bad players to attempt to intimidate a witness. I doubt someone would be able to kidnap a police officer and the 5:36 am likely eliminates a court official – why would they be at Clasky park that early?

Since the event was filed under incidents and not arrests, the police likely searching for the suspect at this time.

I’m clearly speculation, but I just wanted the public to know that this wasn’t just a random kidnapping at Clasky Park – it likely involved two people that know each other.

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