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Wareham Police investigation leads to recovery of over $10,000 worth of shoplifted items


On Tuesday, November 26, at 12:42 p.m. Wareham Police Officer Aaron Pacheco responded to AutoZone on Cranberry Highway for a shoplifting.

A witness had observed a female walk out of the store with an item she had just stolen and provided Officer Pacheco with a plate number to the suspect’s car. Several minutes later Officer Pacheco located the vehicle at a local apartment complex. After a brief investigation, he not only identified the suspect, he recovered the stolen item from AutoZone.

While investigating the shoplifting Officer Pacheco observed several other items in the apartment which he believed were stolen. Detectives were summoned to the scene and recovered over $10,000 in suspected stolen merchandise from multiple locations. The items were seized and brought back to the station in an attempt to identify where they were stolen from.

Dorothy Keoseian (49), of East Wareham, is being summoned to Wareham District Court for receiving stolen property over $1,200.

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