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Wareham Police release opioid data for month of January


During the month of January 2020, Wareham Police Officers responded to 11 overdose calls. Three of these incidents would result in fatalities, and in eight cases the person was treated medically. On three of these calls, life-saving Narcan was used by the responding officers.

The following officers utilized Narcan to revive critical patients thereby having a direct hand in saving their lives.

• Sergeant Kevin Reilly and Officer Christopher Corner administered Narcan and utilized CPR to revive an individual overdosing.

• Officer Nate Aronson successfully revived a victim on another call with Narcan.

• Officer Eric Machado used Narcan to revive a victim.

In one incident Officers Aronson and Joseph Cardoza pulled an overdose victim from a car after cutting the seatbelt and performed CPR until the arrival of Wareham EMS. Despite the efforts to save this person’s life, they were pronounced deceased later at Tobey Hospital.

If anyone knows of someone who is in danger of being an overdose victim, please contact the Wareham Police Department, Detective Division. The call will remain confidential, and the detectives will arrange for the person to get help and services. They can be reached at (508)295-1206.

Acting Chief John Walcek said, “Our officers are on the frontlines of battling the opioid crisis, and I am proud of the work they are doing.”

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