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Wareham Police arrest Onset man after alleged assault on police and trying to use officer’s gun


On Wednesday, January 15th, at about 10:00 p.m., Wareham Police Officers Blaise Lalli and James White went to an address in Onset to pick up a male for a mental health evaluation. As the two officers were responding, further information was received that the male was combative and punching walls. Officer Michael Phinney was diverted from another police call to provide reinforcement to the two responding officers.

At the scene, they found a large male who was belligerent and uncooperative. The officers struggled with male to place him in handcuffs while he resisted aggressively. When finally subdued, the male was transported to Tobey Hospital by Officer Lalli with Officer White following. Sergeant Daniel Flaherty, Officers Nate Aronson, and Joseph Cardoza responded to the hospital to assist with the male.

While wrestling to get him into the emergency room, the male still handcuffed grabbed a hold of Officer Aronson’s firearm, attempting to pull it from the holster. Officer Aronson alerted the other officers, and the decision was made to transport the male to the police station for safety reasons. At the cruiser, the male refused to get in and attempted to kick Sergeant Flaherty. A Taser was utilized and the male was finally placed in the car.

After arriving at the station the male continued to be combative, grabbing Officer Aronson’s leg. As Officer Aronson stepped back the male then lunged at Officer Cardoza grabbing his arms before being subdued. Officer John Iacobucci, who was assigned as the desk officer for the night shift assisted in the scuffle at the police station.

As a result of the incidents the male is charged with;

1. Assault and battery with intent to disarm an officer.
2. Disorderly Conduct.
3. Disturbing the peace.
4. Resisting arrest.
5. Two counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

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