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Middleborough Fire Department photo.

Multiple Massachusetts Fire Departments battle huge fire involving landscaping materials


“Friday night’s fire was a long, challenging, and labor-intensive operation beginning around 1800 with units clearing around 0200 that morning.

A fire broke out on Ryco’s property at 481 Wareham Street in their tenant’s agresource material yard. The multi-alarm fire involved our community partners from Raynham Fire Department Lakeville, MA Fire Department, Wareham Fire Department, Halifax Fire Department, Bridgewater Fire Department, Plympton Fire department, Carver Fire Department, Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, and Brewster Ambulance Service.

Water supply operations involved both tanker shuttles and relay pumping which can be taxing on their own, especially in the July heat. Thousands of feet of supply line were laid with hundreds of thousands of gallons of water applied by the operation’s end. A total of 24 pieces pieces of apparatus and 3 lighting towers were utilized.

We would like to thank all the mutual aid partners that came to assist as well as the Ryco and Agresource material yard employees that operated heavy equipment helping to extinguish the blaze. A final thanks goes out to the members who covered and supervised what was by all accounts a fantastic fireworks display at Battis field which occurred simultaneously.

We are thankful to report that last night also occurred without any injuries. This was a great example of why proper staffing matters and how quickly on-duty resources can be overwhelmed.” -Middleborough Fire Department.

All photos by the Middleborough Fire Department:


“On Friday, July 1st, the Wareham Fire Department was requested to assist the Middleborough FIre Department with a very large outside fire involving landscaping materials. Multiple units operated for several hours on scene into the early morning!!! The following Wareham Fire Department apparatus and personnel responded on the mutual aid call.

• C1 – Chief John Kelley assisted Command personnel at the scene
• Engine 5 – Captain Colin Kelley and 3 firefighters provided station coverage at Middleborough Fire HQ
• Tanker 1 – FF Dana Lofgren and FF Trevor Robidoux shuttled thousands of gallons of water to the fire scene throughout the night from a separate water source.
• Breaker 401 – Captain James Brandolini and 4 firefighters assisted with the extinguishment of a woods fire which had started as a result of the main body of fire.
• Car 4 – Captain Mickey Bird responded with the FD light tower to assist with illuminating the scene.

During the incident, other firefighters under the direction of Captains Mark Rogers stood by at Station 1 on Main Street to ensure proper coverage for our own town. An Onset Fire Department engine provided additional coverage during the early stages of the incident as well.

A total of 26 Wareham career and call-firefighters answered the call!!!” -Wareham Fire Department.

Wareham Fire Department photo.

Wareham Fire Department photo.

Wareham Fire Department photo.

Wareham Fire Department photo.

Wareham Fire Department photo.

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