Wareham Firefighters discover 7-week-old female French Bulldog puppy left in a box on a trail

“On Monday, July 8th, Wareham Natural Resources responded to the Wareham Fire Department Station 1 for a reported seven week old female French Bulldog puppy that was dropped off after being allegedly found in a box along a wooded hiking foot trail near Station Street and Decas School.

Inside the box was a cloth wrapped ice pack with notes listed on the box lid identifying the dogs medical condition, age of the dog, spare wet food, and a note “stating please save her.” So with all of this detailed information we’re not really quite sure how she ended up along a quiet hiking trail.

Wareham Fire Department photo.

This sweet little pup was luckily not in any distress especially with these hot and humid temperatures but she was immediately transported to the veterinary clinic where a thorough health check was completed. In addition, we will be working over the next few days to resolve the health issues.

We are seeking the help of the public. If anyone may have any information regarding this puppy and its previous owner, we would like to get to the bottom of this situation.

Wareham Animal Control can be reached at 508-291-3100 x 3183 or at dnr@wareham.ma.us. You can also use the Wareham Police Department anonymous tip line at 508-291-2300 to report any information regarding this mystery.

She is not available for adoption or fostering at this time. Thank you!”-Wareham Fire Department.