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Hazy and foggy sunrise over New Bedford harbor by Ryan Silva Photography.

Visitors declare “We LOVE New Bedford, especially the people!”


“Hey folks. Hope this finds each of you well and looking forward to a great summer.

In short, I travel a lot and have lived in 5 different cities across America for the past 30 years. I visit home often (New Bedford) since my mom and family are still there. Well, yesterday while enjoying Memorial Day with friends in Annapolis, MD I met a woman who has been vacationing in New Bedford for 25 years. She and a group of friends from around the country visit once on the ‘4th of July’ and then on Labor Day.

THEY LOVE NEW BEDFORD!!!! While I was with them they talked about the great restaurants and the surrounding beaches. She and her friends shared amazing photographs. But what they spoke most highly of, were the people. Some of the best people they have met anywhere!

They also shared with me that every city in the world has its problems. Some cities hide it better than others, and some cities manage it better than others. What they said, and what I have come to believe, is that New Bedford is a great place and the people are wonderful.

Hold on to what has made the SouthCoast special, because the word is getting around that New Bedford, Dartmouth, Fairhaven are charming places that are reasonably affordable in comparison to Boston, Providence and New York City and that opportunity to start new lives in the New Bedford area is something to consider. Gentrification/economic development has made its way throughout America. Small towns like our home of New Bedford will not be spared.

But to close on a more positive note. I think you all should be really proud (me too) about living and growing up in such a wonderful place.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this conversation over the years with people who think highly of New Bedford!

I hope you understand this post and I hope that the attention and some of the small changes that will come to New Bedford are things that we will embrace while we still value who we have always been: Wicked Good People.” – Joe Pereira

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