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Video captures brutal knockout in parking lot of New Bedford bar


An anonymous source recently sent us a video capturing a man punching and knocking out another man in the parking lot of “The Last Round” in New Bedford. This individual told us, “I want to be anonymous but this is Servulo Pires, assaulting a man who he didn’t know in the parking lot of Last Round. He hit him without expecting it breaking multiple teeth and breaking his eye socket.”

The New Bedford Police Department was notified and released this statement regarding the video: “We have determined that this video captures an incident that took place on September 3rd of last year. Mr. SERVULO PIRES, 30, of New Bedford has been charged with Assault and Battery causing serious injury. The case remains open in New Bedford district court.”

The video of the incident is captured below:

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  1. And this is why you can’t allow these people out, some are just their for attention.. This is so sad for humans to think that this is okay, it’s NOT!! shame on you and shame on those around for not walking away from Violence.. Karma is a B and it will come back to bike your ars……

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