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Vandal defaces New Bedford Harborwalk


Graffiti is illegal, but at least it is a form of art and in some cases, it is done well enough that it is nice to look at and actually beautifies a bland or even hideous structure or site. Yes, illegal but the intent is not a malicious one. The message is “This site was hideous and an eyesore, but now it’s something nice to look at.”

On the other hand simply grabbing a can of spray paint and writing your name, leaving a vulgar or inane message, declaring your love for someone, or otherwise leaving an absolutely non-artistic message, is just defacement and a form of vandalism that serves no purpose.

On our Harborwalk, some Einstein decided that the best way to declare his love for his adored Vanessa was not to buy her flowers, write her a poem, send her a text, or take her out on a date, but instead to deface the site including an art mural.

When Vanessa gazed upon the barely legible “artistry” from Hiram aka “Fifo” was she wowed? Did she think “Wow! Fifo is a real Don Juan! My knees are weak!” Did it make her want to visit the Harborwalk frequently to see all his hard work?

There’s no way of knowing what New Bedford’s Michelangelo was thinking when he decided to vandalize the site, but what is certain is that his girlfriend has incredibly low standards if she was impressed by his handiwork and lack of thought that went behind the canvas he chose.

Now at the cost of taxpayers, city workers will have to spend some time to clean up the site. Since Romeo also decided to “tag” the mural, the artist or an artist will have to repaint the section that was ruined.

There are many ways to show someone how much you care about them, vandalizing city property and defacing an art mural can’t be that high up the list.

Do you come across much vandalism about the city? Is there a problem area that comes to mind? Why do you think this vandal thought this was a good idea? Comment below.

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  1. someone needs to take that spraypaint can and shove it up his ass….

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