U.S. Attorney Lelling renews opposition to drug injection sites in Massachusetts

The following is a statement from U.S. Attorney Lelling regarding drug injection sites in Massachusetts:

“Opioid overdose deaths are down 11% over this time last year, a substantial drop and the continuation of a multi-year trend. Now would not be the time to open a site for the purpose of making it easier to take heroin and fentanyl.

Despite the constant repetition by proponents of these sites, there are no reliable studies showing that they reduce overall numbers of overdose deaths or, more importantly, help addicts get clean. And, yes, people have died in drug injection facilities. Meanwhile, these sites are harmful to the communities that host them, as they attract high concentrations of drug users, followed by drug dealers, and so an increase in crime.

We’re aware of the decision yesterday by a single district court judge in Philadelphia. We respectfully disagree with it, and it is only the first step in a long process of judicial review for this important issue. As the Deputy Attorney General said yesterday, efforts to open injection facilities, including here in Massachusetts, will be met with federal enforcement.”

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