“Two Sisters” Food Truck Offers Portuguese Family Favorites To Rival Brick & Mortar Restaurants

Can you imagine growing up without knowing what Portuguese food is? The vast majority of the country hasn’t the faintest idea what linguiça, chourico, kale soup, malasadas, or cacoila is. If there is such a thing as a living nightmare, I’d imagine it would be that.

Portuguese culture and cuisine is part and parcel of this community. Even you don’t have Portuguese heritage, there are so many who do, that you feel like Portuguese food is food you grew up with and “yours.” As someone who has traveled the world, I feel that Portuguese food is some the best on the planet. It is feet on the ground, fill your belly and soul kind of food. I recharge my soul no less than two or three times per week.

The only real “problem” with Portuguese food is how the heck do you pick which place to visit with so many phenomenal restaurants in the region? It’s a true foodie’s dilemma!

One of the newest and brightest stars on the Portuguese food scene is “Two Sisters,” a food truck started by, of course, sisters Caitlyn and Courtney Fontes. Both have worked within the industry since they were teenagers – for over 10 years. They’ve always dreamt of having their restaurant serving Portuguese family favorites right here in New Bedford. They realized this dream a few short months ago when they opened their “door” with the “Two Sisters” food truck.

Backed up with the experience and knowledge of their chefs and catering manager Lisa Davis, they have combined their superpowers to offer some of the best Portuguese fare in the city – good enough to rival any brick and mortar restaurant on the South Coast and that’s saying something.

How good is the food they offer? Well, if you have any doubt about generations old family recipes – which you shouldn’t – that’ll clear up when you find out that within a month of people devouring their menu items they had a 3,000 followers strong Facebook page. As of this writing (December 1, 2016) it has surpassed 4,000 followers. With a perfect five star review, you’re left with little doubt how people are responding to how good this food really is!

Since both sisters grew up in the industry they know that mouth-watering food is one piece of the successful puzzle – you need to offer great customer service, and make it affordable as well. By the responses on my personal news feed and that of their own, it’s obvious that they are batting it out of the park with their service and a glance at the menu reflects that they priced appropriately to the market.

But you’re probably here for the “goods,” right? You want to know what kind of food we’re talking about in a specific way. See that picture of the Portuguese Burger above? This burger is made of a healthy all-beef patty grilled to perfection on a burly bun topped with cheese, roasted red Portuguese peppers (perfect amount of heat), an egg and banana peppers and comes with chips and a drink for $12.99. I started with this because it’s currently my favorite item on their menu – I’ll be ordering this for months until I burn out and switch – for now, I sample what everyone else gets, which I’m sure they are…ahem…happy to share. OK, not.

And guess what? Outside of their massive 36oz. serving of Kale Soup that would feed a small army, that’s the most “expensive” item on their menu. Other sandwiches include the Portuguese standards like Cacoila, Linguiça, and Chourico which are $5 and if you want to add chips and a drink it’s $1.50. Not, $1.50 for each, but BOTH. So for $6.50 you get a full lunch – sandwich, chips and drink for $6.50 which is less than what you would pay for at a chain. Add a gargantuan 24 oz. bowl of Kale Soup for $5.

Have a larger appetite, Two Sisters offers heaping plates, like the Chicken ($10) or Shrimp Mozambique ($12) or Pork Alentejana ($10 for large orders/catering). If you are of a healthier mindset you can grab a Garden Salad for $5 and can add chicken for $3 or shrimp for $5 – those are for larger orders/catering.

The Two Sisters also offer side dishes in case you really are hungry or simply want a snack or smaller meal. Get Cod Fish Cakes, Chips, or even their homemade chips for $1, Rice (yellow or white) for $2.

Being a family business, the Two Sisters understand that not only do kids eat less and have a finicky pallet, but you shouldn’t be “punished” by paying for adult sizes. Their kids’ menu reflects perennial favorites at an appropriate price: Chicken Fingers, Grilled Cheese, and Hot Dogs are offered with a drink and chips for $5. Nope. Not a misprint – $5.

No menu is complete without dessert and you have a choice between Rice Pudding or everyone’s favorite, Malasadas.

In addition to this menu, they do offer daily specials to spice things up. You can check out their Facebook to see what they are offering each day, or just show up and be pleasantly surprised.

Being a food truck means being mobile and therefore very accessible. Typically positioned in the city at a spot you likely drive by frequently to can easily get to by highway or city street, they are never more than a few minutes drive away. Since the girls grew up in the city and know its business and blue collar community are a massive one that is usually so busy that lunch is never more than 30 minutes and often less, they churn out these freshly cooked items very quickly. The only thing that would slow you down is if everyone got the same, bright idea around the same time!

When, not if, you fall in love with what the Two Sisters are doing, you may decide that you want them to stop by your place of business so all your co-workers can enjoy. Yes, they deliver and can place your company on the list of spots to visit. Have a birthday, anniversary, or some other special occasion coming up? The Two Sisters do cater! Everyone will be more than pleased because you won’t find anyone saying “No thanks, I don’t really like linguiça, chourico or kale soup.”

If someone dares utter those words, you should cut them right out of your life. You don’t need that kind of negativity in it!


Two Sisters Food Truck
Corner of Ashley Blvd. and Tarkiln Hill.
Hours: 12:00 to 8:00 pm.

Phone: (774) 328-1242
Facebook: facebook.com/portugeesistahs/