Two Hours in Heaven

Marilyn Watts
by Marilyn Watts

I have to admit that I don’t normally attend church on Sundays, but I last week I made an exception.  This was no regular day at church though.  It was a celebration of music by the McCarthy, Richards & Legge Trio at The First Congregational Church of Fairhaven.  For those of you who stayed home to watch the Patriots game or just didn’t want to brave the cold on this blustery day, you missed out on something special.  What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Many folks in southeastern Massachusetts are familiar with the beautiful harmonies of the McCarthy, Richards and Legge Acoustic Trio.  Their music can always  be heard at various drinking establishments in New Bedford, such as the PTF ( Pour Farm Tavern ) and RAAH ( Rose Ally Ale House).  Besides the local bars, they usually play the street fairs and Chowderfests, which always turns into a big party if they are on the bill.

Today however,  in this big, beautiful church with great acoustics, Butch, Chris and Dori sounded better than ever.  Aside from having beautiful voices, they seamlessly interchanged playing piano and guitars to great effect.  The song list included favorites from Carole King , James Taylor, Neil Young and CSNY.  Sprinkled in were a few doses of Lucinda Williams and one inspirational Marvin Gaye song, belted out by Chris Richards.  I am especially moved by their original songs from the first album, Damaged Goods.  The trio performed beautiful renditions of, “Fell Too Far,” and “I Don’t Mind.”

McCarthy, Richards, and Legge in concert.

I don’t know if it was the beautiful setting, the great acoustics, or that the band was “in the zone,” but the moderate sized crowd at the church was thrilled to be in attendance.  We even demanded an encore and the band was given two standing ovations.   I believe I heard Butch say that it was a first for them, and that he liked it!  Well, we liked it too!  In a bar, the music will always have to compete with the clanking of glasses and chattering, but here in this church, with everyone there to listen, sans cocktails, it really was a little slice of heaven!

Take my advice and check out the MRL Acoustic Trio.  Download their old album, and look forward to their soon-to-be-released new one.   Better yet, the next time they play at a venue like the one in Fairhaven, get thee to the church on time!  Thy will not be disappointed!

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