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True Ghost Stories is almost ready to produce True Ghost Stories TV Series and they are in search of psychic mediums, paranormal investigators, and people with paranormal experiences.

True Ghost Stories home base is located in New Bedford, Massachusetts and they are filming from the studio out of Fall River. Anyone interested in being a part of their TV Series (Local or out of state) will have to get to the studio on their own accord. True Ghost Stories will supply Hotel accommodations for one night. Filming to take about 2 hours. If you are a past guest of True Ghost Stories Radio Show please also write to them as they want you on their TV Series.

Contact Sherri Emily at Leave in subject area “TGS Series”.

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  1. Thank you for sharing we appreciate it!


    True Ghost Stories Team

  2. I have a few ghost stories from a house I lived in. I lived in a haunted historic house in Middleboro MA.

  3. Hi, Emily. this is Myra Harris,Jasons mom. We have had several happenings through the years starting when he was 5 or 6 at our home on Kipling. One night Jason was crying in bed, went in comforted him,next night same thing but when i sat on his bed it was shaking,next night he screamed,i ran to his door,the air was thick,heavy,felt like i had to push to get in,i remembered i yelled, you get away from him,oh no you don t.scooped him up and ran. i am somewhat physic,have had many times when i know things ahead of them happening,always aware of spirits when they are around me. we thought out house was haunted for many years, with several incidents. Jason ,teenager, and his dad were having words, loudly, jasons senior picture dropped off the shelf by the fire place and prceeded to slide all the way to the other side of the fire place, about 5 feet.Call me if you like. thank you.513-295-5673

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