Trio of College Baseball signings for Dartmouth’s Bishop Stang High School

“Surrounded by family, coaches, and teammates, Bishop Stang was pleased to see three student-athletes commit to playing college baseball next year. Aiden Cardoza (of Dartmouth) will be playing for Wheaton College, while Ryan Jones (Fairhaven) committed to UMass Dartmouth, and Cam Letourneau (Mattapoisett) will play for Adelphi University.

Bishop Stang Coach, Brian Rose, knows that all three of his players will add tremendously to their new teams. “These players missed their freshman season (2020), and that was a huge disappointment. For the next three years, they did everything that a coach could want them to do. All three were three-year varsity guys. (Ryan) Jones is our starting catcher and the field general. He calls his own game, and he really leads the pitching staff. Ryan has a great catching arm and a great bat. He does it on both sides of the ball. Losing him will be a tough hole to fill. (Aiden) Cardoza is our number one pitcher, and he is the most vocal leader we have. He has pitched in so many big games in his career. He has five wins against Catholic Central League opponents already this year. He is one of the most competitive kids we have ever had. Aiden plays with a lot of fire. And Cam (Letourneau) has been the consummate professional of the group. He is a reliever and a starter (on the mound), he plays second base, and he plays third base. His answer for everything is ‘Yes, Coach’. Cam is a really good team leader and a guy you can rely on to do what the team needs.”

The three athletes announced their commitments together – once again sharing in the team experience and support from teammates, friends, and staff that has been a hallmark of the baseball program at Stang. Cardoza stated, “I will miss the family culture at Bishop Stang. The connections I’ve made with coaches, teachers, friends, and the Stang community have been special. Thank you to family (parents Catie and Jeff), friends, teachers & coaches.” Letourneau and Jones echoed these sentiments. Letourneau stated, ” I will miss my friends and the relationships here. I’ll miss our baseball culture and the family-like culture we have here. Thank you to the many coaches who helped me along the way, and my teachers, parents (Julie and Craig), and friends.” Jones stated that he learned a lot of skills both on and off the field at Stang. He, too, will miss his Stang connections, and he wanted to thank his parents (Debra and Arlen), friends, God, and coaches.

Looking forward to their new journeys, both in academics and on the field, all three players feel good about their trajectories. Ryan Jones is very familiar with UMass Dartmouth. “It is close by, and they have a great program. I know the coach very well.” (UMass Dartmouth’s Head coach is Bob Prince, father of classmate and teammate Jackson Tingley Prince). Aiden Cardoza liked the small campus at Wheaton. “I liked it on my tour, and we can get a lot done. It is a good program, and I know what I’m getting into baseball-wise. I like their new facility.” And of traveling to Garden City, New York (home of Adelphi), it’s a challenge that Cam Letourneau is ready to embrace. “It had a great college feel when I visited. The distance works. It is far away, but I can still be in touch with my family. They have a very successful baseball program. I look forward to improving on my skills and getting better.”

Bishop Stang will miss this special trio, and we wish them well going on to new academic and athletic challenges!

The commitment gathering took place at Bishop Stang High School in North Dartmouth, MA. Contact Bishop Stang Athletic Director Dennis Golden for more details on the National Letter of Intent at or (508) 996-5602 x 427.”-Bishop Stang High School.

Bishop Stang High School photo.

Bishop Stang High School photo.