The Top 5 destinations to get a great cup of coffee in New Bedford in 2023

Everyone has come to love New Bedford for its fresh seafood, authentic Portuguese cuisine, and…coffee?

The local coffee scene specifically in the downtown area of New Bedford is turning into something special. From a European cafe on cobblestone streets to a small batch roastery on the waterfront, there is a uniqueness to the New Bedford coffee scene that is hard to match.

Many would say the downtown and waterfront areas of New Bedford are experiencing a renaissance. Between the South Coast Rail, Vineyard Wind, Cisco Brewery, Killburn Mills, and now luxury apartments. I believe there is no doubt that more amazing local coffee shops will be popping up with the growth we are seeing in New Bedford.

But until then I present to you the 5 best local coffee shops in New Bedford as of 2023!

5. Cafe Arpeggio

Established in 2004 and located in the heart of downtown New Bedford at the intersection of William and Purchase street, Cafe Arpeggio is a staple in the city and should make everyone’s list. They offer micro roasted coffee, liege style waffles, smoothies, smoothie bowls, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, and freshly baked pastries!


4. Green Bean

Located at 740 Purchase Street in Downtown New Bedford, the Green Bean has high ceilings, large windows, a minimalist aesthetic, and great coffee! They are vegan friendly and offer coffee, smoothies, fresh juice, breakfast & lunch sandwiches. This is a great spot to sit down and get some work done on your laptop!


3. Tia Marias

Tia Marias is a European cafe nestled in the heart of the National Historical Whaling Park along the cobblestone streets of New Bedford. Some might get angry that I rank them so highly because they are really a full service restaurant rather than a “coffee shop”, but you can walk in and order coffee & pastries at the counter therefore they are a coffee shop in my eyes! They also just finished a major expansion which features a cozy bistro bar and fireplace.


2. Groundfloor Coffee

Groundfloor Coffee is a small batch roastery located at 61 Merrill’s Wharf on the waterfront. Putting them at #2 could ruffle some feathers because they have only been open for about a month at the time of writing this article, but I am here to tell you that age is just a number. This coffee shop is phenomenal! Inside is a sleek modern aesthetic featuring a “Modbar Espresso machine” and a vegan friendly menu, although they do serve non vegan options as well! With a prime waterfront location, a beautiful interior aesthetic, and great coffee, this coffee shop answered the prayers of a lot of New Bedford coffee lovers!


1. Dough Company (DoCo)

In my opinion Dough Company otherwise known as “Do Co” is one of the most underrated places in New Bedford. Dough Company is a local-focused cafe and eatery located in the Kilburn Mills in the south end of New Bedford. They are walking distance to West Beach and the New Bedford Cove Walk, and under the same roof as dozens of amazing local stores, art galleries, fitness studios, and many other exciting things the Kilburn Mills has to offer. Do Co has all sorts of craft coffee beverages made from locally roasted coffee, delicious pastries, as well as full service breakfast and lunch. Inside it has tall ceilings, tons of plants, and two floors of seating.