Tony Cabral promotes “government transparency” after ignoring requests to speak with local journalist


Right now there is much to talk about in New Bedford, good and bad. We are approaching an election, offshore wind is in full swing, the south coast rail is under construction, we are in a housing crisis, the police department is understaffed, and the list can go on for things to discuss.

As a journalist, I reach out to our elected officials, our police department, and our fire department, for comment on issues in the city, it’s common practice.

When we reach out to Mayor Mitchell’s office with questions, we receive answers immediately. The same goes for the New Bedford Police Department, when a crime happens in the city and we reach out, they get back to us with full transparency.

This leads me to Representative Tony Cabral. Over the past few weeks, I have reached out to speak with him on several occasions via phone and email. The emails have been unanswered and I’ve never received any call back even after leaving multiple voicemails.

The strange part is these aren’t even hostile or difficult inquiries. I’ve just been asking for his thoughts on the future of New Bedford and other basic questions regarding some hot topics in the area, really not hard-hitting questions.

I hesitated to write this article calling out his lack of transparency until I saw him posting photos of him speaking in Boston about “government Transparency” on social media.

The fact that Tony Cabral blatantly ignores local journalists in the very area he represents, and then stands at a podium in Boston speaking on “government transparency” is utterly ridiculous.

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  1. Thank You for pointing out what everyone knows except his voting base!

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