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A Few Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Children


Childhood is such a fleeting time and though we think we’ll remember everything about our children’s childhood, the truth is, we won’t. Pictures are the best way to capture moments in time that might otherwise be gone from our memories. Below are some of my favorite tips for capturing some moments in your child’s life.

1.) Zoom in. I see far to many parents just taking photos from a distance. Get in close. Catch that mischievous gleam in your daughter’s eye or that mud all over your son’s face! In 10 years from now, it will long be gone from your memory!

2.) Aim for natural light when possible – flash is very harsh and can cause “red eyes”, especially in children with light colored eyes. If it’s a low light condition, and you must you flash, consider taping a piece of tissue or white tissue paper over your flash to diffuse it.

3.) Take photos from different angles. Don’t always take it from you standing and pointing at your child. Try getting down on their level, getting above them, or even shooting from below their level.

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Award winning maternity and baby photographer, Abrah Zion, aka, "Miss Z" is a passionate person. Whenever, she does something, it is with full energy and love. Her photography is no exception. She started her dream profession in 2011 and hasn't looked back since. Abrah strives to give her clients the best experience possible. She personalizes all of her sessions and provides a boutique experience from start to finish. She's constantly attending workshops to keep her skills and ideas fresh and timely. Her photos are a mix between timeless and creative. Abrah specializes in maternity, birth, newborn, baby, child, and family photography. She has been proclaimed by clients as the "Baby Whisperer". Her studio is located in historic downtown New Bedford, MA.

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