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Three City Councilors push for jaywalking ordinance in New Bedford


The following is being presented at the New Bedford City Council session scheduled for Sep 13, 2018:

Councillors Coelho, Lopes and Giesta, requesting, that the Committee on Ordinances look into the possibility of creating an Ordinance addressing jaywalking in the City of New Bedford, jaywalking as defined by crossing the street in an illegal or unsafe manner, whereupon Police can enforce jaywalking laws by issuing citations, the penalty for violating jaywalking laws typically would include a fine similar to a parking ticket, in many jurisdictions, fines increase with repeat jaywalking offenses. (To be Referred to the Committee on Ordinances.)

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  1. During the last council meeting the did nothing by ‘postponing’ all but one issue. Maybe finish the docket before cluttering it with ridiculous ordinances that the police will only enforce on the poorest and most vulnerable members of the New Bedford community.

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