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The South Coast Hot Jobs List – July 01, 2018


Here are the Hot Jobs in the New Bedford area from the NewBedfordGuide.com jobs database, as of July 1, 2018. Click the right arrow to browse the next job. Want your job listed here? Contact leo@newbedfordguide.com.


Administrative Assistant – Motion Industries

Job Description:
An ISO administrator ensures that the company is in compliance with relevant ISO standards and guidelines related to quality management, social and environmental responsibility and risk management. The ISO administrator develops, reviews and maintains a company’s ISO management system and the documents needed. An ISO administrator manages workplace safety, performs quality control inspections and audits internal and external systems. The ISO administrator communicates to department leaders so that they can support the company’s goals and objectives. The ISO administrator reports key quality metrics related to business performance, as well as quality investigation findings, to ISO Manager.

Responsibilities Include:
• Assisting with ensuring that processes needed for the Quality Management System (QMS) for ISO are established implemented and maintained.
• Working with internal team members, external customers, and suppliers to determine the requirements as they relate to each situation. Person will be expected to perform this task, keep the information up to date, and ensure effective communication between the parties.
• Assist in establishing and continual improvement of the quality management system and processes. Ensure that the process flow mapping for the corporate processes are documented and updated as needed
• Manage the risks and opportunities for quality.
• Capture metrics and provide reports on the quality performance including any need for improvement.
• Responsibility and authority for the Quality Management System (QMS) – including collaboration with and reporting to the leadership team, reporting, and auditing duties.
• Ensure the promotion of awareness of quality requirements throughout the organization.
• Create training material, monitor progress, and ensure general understanding of the quality requirements.
• Provide internal audit and ongoing assessment for ISO compliance.
• Publish audit schedule.
• Update/create audit templates for audit of specific process areas/projects.
• Provide monthly audit report.
• Track and monitor audit compliance activities.
• Ability to work independently, work collaboratively with team, manage implementation schedule, work to resolve issues and escalate issues before an issue becomes a problem

• Good customer service and communication skills
• Reliable, organized, detailed, and focused
• Ability to multitask and manage time well
• High School Diploma or equivalent

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