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The Artificial Marketplace

Eric Baylies
by Eric Baylies

The Artificial Marketplace is located on William Street in Downtown New Bedford next to Solstice skateboard shop.  It has been described as an antiques shop, but after I spoke with owner Jared Vasconcellos, I found out its more of a vintage, mid-century shop.

There has been a bit of a turnover with ownership at the store. What got you into the business?

Jared: I am the third owner.  I’ve owned the store for two and a half years now, and have transformed it from a junk/consignment shop into a vintage mid-century shop.  All items at Artificial Marketplace are hand-picked The Artificial Marketplaceby myself; I’ve always been a collector of sorts.  I try to purchase things in the best possible condition, but some things I have to refinish.

I fix iPhones and iPods as well…pretty much anything Apple.  I also fix smart phones and some PC laptops.

Did working at your brother’s skate shop next door to prepare you to deal with the public?

Jared: Yes it did.  I worked at Solstice for awhile, and I still do whenever I have time.

Do you plan to start an online store at some point?

Jared: An online store would be nice, but being just one person, doing what I do would be pretty hard to maintain.

artificial marketplace
Inside The Artificial Marketplace.

I do occasionally sell items on eBay, mostly things’ that normally wouldn’t move for a certain price in-store, like a brand new aluminum Christmas tree still in the box.

Jared: If mom asked what kind of shop it is I’d say… I’d have to say its a store filled with items carefully picked from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s and strategically placed to look like it would in a house.  Anything from glassware, couches, books, records…pretty much anything you can think of-minus planes, trains, and automobiles.

You can visit The Artificial Marketplace seven days a week, from 11-5pm.

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