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Teen seeks public’s assistance in finding mom


missingA 14-year old girl is seeking the public’s help in finding her mother. She hasn’t seen her since January, 2014 and her mother either resides or visits New Bedford often.

Jessica O’Brein, 33 years-old and pictured to the left, was last seen in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts and appears to be living in the New Bedford area. She has green eyes and has four children that do not live with her. She’s 5’2-5’3. She has lived in Lakeville, Westport, Fall River, and New Bedford. She has a few tattoos; a butterfly with the name ‘Glen’ above it, Cheyenne on the back of her neck, Harley Daverson on her lower back, and a Tigger with the name Lexie on her chest.

If you know Jessica O’Brein please ask her to contact her daughter Lexie.

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  1. James Kowalczyk

    I Hope She Find Her!!

  2. She ain’t missing. And your a sick person for posting something like this. She is alive and healthy. So please grow up and stop being so stupid…

  3. Ann, did you bother to read the article?

  4. Ann your a dumbass clearly she cant read and only assumes things the only stupid one is u… hope you find your mom chica best of luck!!

  5. Instead of calling people stupid, if you know that she is alive and well why don’t you tell her to call her 14 year old daughter who is apparently worried sick about her and let he know that she is fine. She is 14 and hasn’t seen her mother since January, I couldn’t imagine what she is going through. Sounds to me that you are the one who needs to grow up!! Hope she is found or let’s someone know that she is OK so her daughter can stop worrying and be able to be a 14 year old girl!!

  6. Just wanted to say thankyou for posting this for me, I got ahold of her for a week then once again there was a big time where she didn’t want me once again. She definitely needs help and Ms. Bowman, You must know the wrong Jessica because I have grown up with her for 14 years. You dont know the women I know. She is still using, So you calling people stupid for trying to help me… Your just irrelevant. Your related to her husbands family so of course you would say that. If once again anyone sees her please tell her all of her children miss and love her. We just want her to get better…

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