Tank Exchange Will Take The Stress Out Of Your Backyard BBQ

We’ve all been there. You’re stepping outside, a tray of burgers and brats in one hand, spatula and tongs in the other. You click on your gas grill and … nothing? You lift up the tank. Empty.

The burgers and dogs are shoved back in the fridge and you’re heading out in your car to get your propane tank refilled. You drive to a store, stand in line and wait for someone who can make the exchange and then drive home hoping no one rear-ends you at the next red light.

Jay DeMello wondered the same thing.
So he started his Bristol County business, Tank Exchange Inc, with a simple idea: What if I could just order a tank of propane to be delivered with an app, and it could even show up the same day?

Not only that, but he could do it cheaper. As opposed to the 15-pound tank that costs $20+ to fill up at your neighborhood store, Jay offers 20 pounds for $19.99, which includes delivery to your home and exchange of your old tank. doesn’t that seem a heck of a lot easier?

Last November he opened up shop in Dartmouth and began offering delivery throughout Bristol County. As with any new business owner, he was nervous at first. He had rented a building, bought a 1,000-gallon truck, developing an app, built a website, printing tank labels and more.“I just go all in with anything I do or believe in,” he says, “and I really believe in this service.”

His belief was validated last summer when families were stuck at home due to COVID-19. Wanting to get outside while also enjoying a different style of cooking, demand for at-home grilling grew quickly. Plus, Jay and his cousin, Justin, who helps with deliveries, offer contact-less exchanges.

With five years experience working with Co2 and training from AmeriGas in propane safety and a HazMat certification, Jay continues to build his business.
You can order propane tanks up to 100 pounds, as well as Co2, draft beer tanks and forklift tanks. If you know ahead of time when you’ll need it, you can schedule your delivery. But there’s also on-demand RUSH delivery available within an hour until 7 p.m. at night. (and 9 p.m. on holiday weekends, so the grill can always stay lit!)

“Ordering online was quick and easy,” wrote customer Rob Dasilva online. “Way better than having to drag a tank to the store for an exchange.”
To order from Tank Exchange, you can use their website, mobile app (Apple or Android) or call 1-818-MY-TANKS. Want to give it a try? Use code nbg15 for 15% off your first order!

Website: https://www.trademytank.com/
Phone: 818-MyTanks
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tank-exchange/id1527533480
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tankexchange.inc

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