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New Bedford man arrested for agitating suicidal woman on roof


jumper-new-bedfordLast night at approximately 7pm south end officers were sent to a Brock Ave. apartment house regarding a female on the roof threatening to jump.

The fire department and medics were also on scene. The woman in her 50’s was agitated and threatening to jump off the three story building.

A crowd had gathered to watch the incident and one of the onlookers began yelling to the woman. He began yelling and swearing as to what she was doing on the roof and to get down. This only caused her to become more agitated. He was warned to quiet down and leave the area. He refused and was therefore arrested for disorderly conduct.

Sgt. Frank Eccleston, a trained police crisis negotiator, was called in and began communicating with the woman.

After a short time, she allowed him onto the roof area and she was safely brought down to an awaiting ambulance.

She was later transported to St. Luke’s Hospital for a medical evaluation.

The arrested party was identified as;

Josue Melendez Soto age 30 of  New Bedford.

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  1. My family was their and witnessed the entire thing. He said one swear and asked the lady what she was doing and to get down, also the man was arrested unjustly because he was on his own porch and that dick cop arrested him for no reason. Yes the man quieted down but he was minding his own business. Shameful how police around here handle situations.

  2. To Megan. Nbpd have pros that are trained and experienced in these situations. They didn’t need, want or ask mr soto for his assistance. They got her down without injury and got her the help she needs. Thats shameful? What is truly shameful is the ignorance level in this city. And by the way I am Sergeant “dick cop” to you. Remember that when you call for help.

  3. To Scott I have asked for help before and when A women was getting beat to death by her boyfriend one night next to my house, the cops didn’t show up until 10 minutes later until after she was beat to a pulp, and I have cops in my family who would be willing to help me just fine. There’s good cops and bad cops in this city. Wasn’t even pointing fingers at anyone. Just stating my opinion. And cops have helped me when I needed it.

  4. Here is a Idea…Letting Police do their job! If everyone stopped over analyzing every single thing they do maybe they could just actually respond to a call and not worry if someone is video taping them or going to turn and twist their actions into some over dramatized media frenzy. I would love for the shoe to be on the other foot. An have others get watched 24/7 at their job and get criticized for everything they do wrong. And here is a amazing idea, Maybe if everyone wasn’t so demented, on drugs, stealing and causing issues. These poor people in blue wouldn’t have to be so stressed all the time. Remember these “dick cop”‘s don’t get paid nearly enough to deal with all these stupid people doing stupid things. But they will always be the 1st there when your in trouble. So try to show some respect to the people who Serve our country. Remember just because they aren’t over sea’s or on the front line they are the ones who protect our streets and lives in our homeland from our own people. So next time you see a Police Officer. Maybe instead of talking crap you should prob shake their hand and say Thank You. Because without them. We would be screwed.

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