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Sugar Bear Sweet Shop – bringing delicious cupcakes and cookies to you


Sugar Bear Sweet Shop – gourmet cupcakes and cookies brought to your doorstep!

How would it feel to have mouth watering, moist and delicious gourmet cupcakes brought right to your door for a special occasion? You can have a major event like a birthday, anniversary or corporate meeting, even a wedding…or that “major” event can simply be “I want cupcakes, before I hurt someone.”

Cupcakes are all the rage these days. Gone are the times when you had 3-4 flavors to choose from. Today there are literally hundreds to choose from and when you throw in the option of toppings and fillings, the variety is almost endless.

Not just flavorful, mouth-watering creations, but artistically decorated.

New Bedford based Sugar Bear Sweet Shop is a delivery based business that brings a variety of cupcakes to your doorstep. In addition to offering the classics like chocolate and yellow cake, there is Oreo, Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Orange Creamsicle, lemon raspberry, Heath Bar, Mochaccino and more. There are special flavors just for the holidays. There are even cookies: classic chocolate chip and Nutella chocolate chip. Mmmmmmmm nutella.

Owner and baker Jessica Charon’s passion for making these tasty creations started when she began baking with her mom at a young age for fun. Cupcake mania didn’t manifest itself until early 2012 when her vision for a local sweet shop came to her. She started baking, found she had a knack for it, and has been hooked ever since. She decided to make her love a part of her livelihood and opened a her own business zoned, residential kitchen.

Now her focus is to constantly improve, come up with new, interesting, unique flavor combinations, and top them off with simple, classic, and of course delicious garnishes. She’ll be baking cupcakes for the rest of her life and thankfully she is sharing with the community!

While she has her standard menu of cupcakes, she is constantly coming up with new varieties and original creations – all with the highest quality and freshest ingredients. In fact, if you are the creative type and think you have some original ideas, you can field them to her and see your idea(s) come to life!

How Sugar Bear Sweet Shop works is simple. Take a look at her menu and make your selections – there is a minimum order of $20. Place your order at least two days before you want them to arrive. Then sit back, relax….with the extra time you now have, you can twiddle your thumbs if you want.

“Light, fluffy lemon cake, creamy blueberry frosting, garnished with a fresh blueberry.” Oh boy!

You not only save a boatload of time, so you can focus on preparing other elements for your special occasion, but you can have confidence that you will have a household (or yard-full) of happy, happy guests. I can personally attest to destroying some of Sugar Bear’s Mochaccino and Red Velvet cupcakes in my day. Well, maybe more than some. OK, OK, a lot of them, geez.

My biggest pet peeve is a cupcake that is in essence a sponge topped with a sugar icing where flavor seems to be an afterthought. The sponge sucks every drop of moisture from your mouth and the sugary icing spikes my blood sugar into the stratosphere. The sugar hides either a poor quality cake or low level baking. Same with cupcakes that are trying to get a “Wow!” factor with its sheer, massive size.

With Sugar Bear it is quality. About freshness. About flavor profiles. Every cupcake I have eaten has been moist and rich. The icing clearly has the flavor profile in mind and the proper amount of sweetness from the sugar. The proverbial icing (and pun) on the cake is that they are gorgeously decorated. All these combine into Sugar Bear’s version of the “Wow!” factor. The sight, aroma and flavor and not the size and amount of sugar. These are the Rolls Royce of cupcakes!

These “turkey” cupcakes are a conversation piece and a kid favorite at any Thanksgiving feast!

Jessica chose New Bedford to base her business in spite of the fact that she has lived as far away as Los Angeles. She has returned to her roots, because she feels that the city she loves has a lot of potential and is striving to reach it. She is steeped deeply in the local community and helps out a number of local causes. From now to the end of the year she is running a promotion with local charities: 10% of Sugar Bear sales will be donated to New Bedford charities and people will be able to make additional donations through the Sugar Bear website.

What we have with Sugar Bear Sweet shop is a local whose passion for baking cupcakes and cookies translates into a benefit for foodies and those with a sweet tooth. The delivery option is a genuine convenience that is a practical element when planning major events that have many spinning parts. A relief actually! Take a load off and consider Jessica and Sugar Bear Sweet Shop.

For more reviews and testimonials, you can check out Sugar Bear’s perfect 5 stars out of 5 stars review on Facebook. However, there is no better way than to sample Jessica’s delicacies for yourself!

Click to go directly to Sugar Bear’s menu

Sugar Bear Sweet Shop
Email: info@sugarbearsweetshop.com
Phone: (508) 322-1441
Delivery is available to New Bedford, Dartmouth, Acushnet, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Marion, and Rochester.

Facebook: facebook.com/sugarbearsweetshop
Website: sugarbearsweetshop.com/
Instagram: instagram.com/sugarbearsweetshop

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