Starbucks New Bedford will soon be receiving their first customers

Back in August, we shared the announcement that a Michigan-based commercial real estate investment and development firm called ALRIG USA Development LLC applied for a site plan review from the City of New Bedford’s planning board.

In that short period of time – a matter of a few months – the necessary permits and licenses were approved and the building was erected at the proposed site at 8 Mitchell Street and 157-161 Coggeshall Street. The location encompasses Petro-Mart, Touchless Car Wash, and what was once a Subway restaurant.

This store will employ around 30 people and will feature a drive-thru.

As the last contractors finish their jobs and employees receive their training, there are simply a few inspections that need to be passed before the cafe opens.

Hilton Displays, City of New Bedford photo.

Hilton Displays, City of New Bedford photo.

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