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SouthCoast Dermalgraphics offers life-changing permanent makeup, areola/nipple tattoos, scalp tattoos/follicle hair replication, and scar relaxation therapy


Our skin health can have serious impact on our mental well-being. Our appearance goes a long well in how we feel about ourselves and suffering from something like hair loss, allergies, oily skin, scars, or other issues can have a detrimental affect on our happiness and desire to interact socially and confidently.

Inversely speaking, when our skin is glowing, and healthy, scars are hidden or allergies are addressed we feel much happier about ourselves and feel there is no barrier or distraction when it comes to social interactions and events. Nothing can make us more self-conscious than having a skin issue, particularly in the facial area.

There is now a company on the Southcoast located on South Main Street in Acushnet that specializes in Eyebrow Microblading and Medical and Cosmetic tattooing. Registered Nurse Patricia Ann Workman, owner and founder of Southcoast Dermalgraphics, LLC launched her business late in December of 2015.

Her inspiration for this work was her aunt Tina Brown. Her aunt who succumbed to breast cancer last year began asking Patricia five years sgo what she knew about three dimensional nipple tattoos for women following a mastectomy.

This led Patricia to research what type of training was necessary to perform the procedure and ultimately the shocking realization that there were very few practitioners in New England that are masters at this “sacred art.” Thus began Patricia’s long journey of obtaining multiple certifications over several years as well as a two year and a half year internship with the world renkown Doreen Lindgren. This included a certification as a Permanent Makeup Artist, a Medical Micropigmentation/Scar Relaxation and Collagen Induction Therapy Specialist, Follicle Hair Repigmentation Specialist, Eliminink Tatoo Removal Specialist and most recently an Eyebrow Microblading Specialist with Everlasting Brows.

Next came the tedious task of meeting all the criteria to obtain a body art permit from the town. It was during her two year internship that she met Sonia Nyren. Sonia is a native Brazilian who speaks fluent English and Portuguese who Patricia immediately realized had the same passion for this type of work that she did. They hit it off immediately and Patricia asked Sonia to join her. Sonia, a licensed Level 1 Esthitician then formed Southcoast Skincare and created a beautiful space in the 3 room suite. Sonia offers facials, microderm abrasion, eyebrow design/ eyebrow henna application, as well as many other services. Patricia was extremely excited to announce that Sonia will be offering lash lift services by Ellebana and lash tinting by Belmasil in the very near future.

Sound like a service that you or someone you know could use? You might have concerns when it comes to skin – you can’t trust just anyone with it. Southcoast Dermalgraphics belongs to The American Association of Micropigmentation and abides by their guidelines. An AAM medical questionnaire is used during a comprehensive consultation which is done with every client to ensure they are a proper candidate. Some clients require a physicians approval. To stay Board of Health and insurance compliant, before and after pictures are taken on everyone, CPR, first aid and blood borne pathogen certifications are up to date.

Non latex gloves are used and topical anesthetics and pigments are only purchased from USA companies with the highest standards. Universal precuations and aseptic technique are used, all needles are disposable. As important as all these things are, customer service is equally as important.Clients are treated in a respectful and dignified manner and with utmost respect.

When asked what sets Southcoast Dermalgraphics apart from other places Patricia responded, “Precise measurements, applying the pigment that best suits the client’s skin and undertones, knowledge of how to apply topical anesthetics to keep the client comfortable throughout the procedure, creation of designs that compliment the client’s face or breast and a very relaxed atmosphere. We do our best to keep our clients happy.”

As important as these things are, the team also understands that customer service is equally as important. Patricia re-iterated time and again “If you come here, you will be treated with respect, dignity and discretion.” In an effort to accommodate clients and make them comfortable, SouthCoast Dermalgraphics is multi-lingual: English, Spanish and Portuguese is spoken.

The power and marked effect of what SouthCoast Dermalgraphics can not be overstated, and is a constant source of motivation for the staff. Read the powerful anecdote Patricia shares of a client who came in to have her areola fixed: “She was depressed and anxious, but by the end of the procedure we were both in tears of joy and she literally danced in the waiting area, simultaneously laughing and crying. Her self-esteem and confidence had been restored. This brought me back to the conversation I had with my aunt that inspired it all.”

The team shared story after story of similar experiences like the stroke victims or arthritis sufferers who can no longer apply makeup and get permanent eyebrows or lipstick, a person with a scar on the lip that gets colored to be the same hue as the surrounding tissue, the girl who is active in sports and wears lighter clothing revealing scars or blemishes, or the man who is balding and gets scalp micropigmentation. You can even enjoy dermalgraphics if you have no ailments or issues, and enjoy all the services including one of the hottest trends, the Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift which in the blink of an eye, allows for “…luscious, lifted lashes that will last for weeks.”

For many, dermalgraphics is an immediate life-changing experience. Now you see why permanent make-up is such a fast-growing part of the health and beauty industry. You can read more, powerful testimonials at the bottom of this article and, of course, across their social media accounts.

The very informative website has some dramatic before & afters, information on their safety polices and equipment, a full list of their many services, and a page for their news and special discounts – like the “Sisters Discount” they are running through May 31: 20% discount to sisters willing to sign a photo release form and allow them to use their before and after photos on their website and social media accounts. In addition, they have a robust referral program whereby referring a friend gets you $25 off your next procedure.

If you no longer want to imagine what it would be like to have immediate dramatic effects that that micropigmentation can offer, then call SouthCoast Dermalgrpahics today or better yet pick up the phone and schedule a consultation with Patricia and meet Sonia, then you will you see why they are in so demand – professional, warm, and accommodating – that’s what happens when you do something you’re passionate about!


Hi! My name is Jessica Blanchard & I recently got my eyebrows microbladed at Southcoast Dermalgraphics and I am absolutely obsessed and in love with my outcome! I was so nervous and hesitant on getting them done because let’s be real it’s semi permanent and it’s on your face!! But I have absolutely no regrets doing this!

Pat & Sonia did an absolutely amazing job, they were both very professional, clean & helped ease my nerves during it all! They made sure every hair and line was even and perfect and always made sure I was happy with everything they did before the process started. I highly highly recommend going to visit them for your microblading and any other permanent makeup! You will not be disappointed! I can’t wait to go back for my touch up & cant wait till they are fully healed! Thank you so much Pat & Sonia! I am finally happy and in love with my eyebrows:) -Jessica B.


I’m writing you to let you know about my experience at Southcoast Demographics.
It was a pleasure to meet Patricia and Sonia. They are both professional and very knowledgeable about dermographics. The facility is very inviting and clean. The women made me feel at home. They explained the procedure step by step and were very patient. The procedure was a two step treatment that last about two hours each time. It was virtually painless.

My sister and I had very thin eyebrows. I use to shade my eyebrows in everyday just to make them noticeable. Thanks to Patricia and Sonia I no longer have to shape and color my eyebrows in. My eyebrows came out fabulous and nstural looking. We are very happy with the results. I would recommend Dermographics to everyone. -Johanna C.


SouthCoast Dermalgraphics
192 South Main Street
Acushnet, MA

Phone: (508) 817-7026
Facebook: facebook.com/SouthcoastDermalgraphics
Website: southcoastdermalgraphics.com/


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