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South Coast Overhead Door brings to bear passion, service, and craftsmanship to greater New Bedford


Hard work and passion deserves to be recognized. When found in business it is a virtual guarantee that you are going to be treated properly. In a day and age where customer service can be lacking, service reps uncaring, and product of poor quality; a business that does it right demands to be recognized. They know that their reputation sinks or swims on those things and that by going the extra mile and making the extra effort it will be reflected in the work and their customers satisfaction.

New Bedford based, South Coast Overhead Door is one such business. Born, raised and having lived here his whole life – for 40 years – proprietor Kevin Silva is proud to serve all of greater New Bedford and beyond. You wouldn’t think that garage doors would be anything to get excited about, but speak with Kevin and see his passion for what he does and you’ll understand that while it may not sound like a big deal, to him every job is a big deal.

Kevin feels that since you are trusting him and his team with your house, that the work must reflect profoundly on that trust. The amount of care and attention to detail that he and the team put into every job is nothing short of remarkable. It is no different than the carpenter who makes sure everything is level, plum, tucked in, lines up and polished off. Quality work done by dedicated craftsmen is something to be valued and embraced.

South Coast Overhead Door went from a small operation to an elite team in a very short time. Kevin only hired those who felt the same way that he feels about workmanship. Every job requires the same dedication and effort, every client is important. Even so, he is not an armchair owner – he runs the company and is in the trenches working alongside his skilled team. Not some job. Not most jobs. Every single job. Every time.

When I asked Kevin about an experience where he knew “This is why I do what I do.” he said “Yes. I went an elderly couple’s home to repair their door because it would not go up and down properly. They had called another company previously to do the repair, and they could not afford the rate for them just to come out.  I went out to the home, and saw right away that the sensor was blocked. I moved what was blocking it, and the door opener worked, just fine.

When I was finished, they asked how much they owed me – I couldn’t charge them for that. Instead, I was invited in for dinner, with a wonderful couple, that could have very well been taken advantage of. This is why I do it, for the people in my community.”

Just as a master carpenter will beam with pride when he or she sees the look on the face of a client when they gaze upon the finished product, Kevin is thrilled and rewarded with the responses and it fuels him for the next job or client. This is a niche that Kevin knows and enjoys. You’d be hard pressed to find someone with as much love and expertise for overhead doors. If the images don’t impress you with the amount of detail and care that goes into small and large jobs alike, call the company and speak with the folks there and find out for yourself. Check out the portfolio of completed jobs and you’ll surely walk away impressed.

Having spent the past 17 years strictly with garage door repair, installation, sales and service you can rest in the knowledge that you went to the right people for the job. Kevin personally trains the entire staff of the ins and outs of the industry so that his high standards are met settling for nothing less than neat, clean completed work and meeting the clients demands and desires.

For those interested, South Coast Overhead Door specializes in residential, commercial and new construction as well as repairs and replacements. So whether you are building a home or homes, starting a business, or just fed up with that rackety old overhead door that no longer wants to cooperate you’ll meet Kevin face-to-face. He find out what your needs are and match the perfect product with your affordable rates that meet your budget, making their services attainable by everyone. “I am not in it to get rich, just provide for my family. My goal is customer satisfaction and that leads to clients spreading the word.” explains Kevin.

Supporting a small, local business goes even further because South Coast Overhead Doors is actively involved in many local non-profits and other businesses. So you not only support local and small, but support a local, small business that gives back to the community in more ways than one. That giving back comes with the territory with the aforementioned passion and love for what you are doing.

Since Kevin has a pretty good way with words, I’ll let a quote of his sum everything up. “I always stand by the fact that if you work hard, and push yourself, you will make things happen. I am living proof of that. I pursued my goal, worked hard, and continue to work hard, and I am proud of the business that I have created. I am hoping SouthCoast Overhead Door will be in business for many more years, and look forward for the time when it turns into a family business, when my two sons come on board. Support Local businesses and you will support your community.”

Well, said Kevin. Well, said.


Currently, South Coast Overhead Doors is offering a promotion for New Bedford Guide readers: $20.00 off installation of a new garage door opener, $50.00 off a single garage door and $100.00 of a double. $20.00 off a spring (as in what holds the doors up, not the season) service call.


South Coast Overhead Door
36 Florence St
P.O. Box 7566
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Phone: (508) 889-4964, (774) 206-1235

Monday-Saturday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED. Emergency and Sunday service by appointment only.

Facebook: facebook.com/SouthcoastOverheadDoorServices/
Website: southcoastoverheaddoor.com
EMail: scoverheaddoor@comcast.net


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