Somerset Police Department seeks public’s help IDing “Five Finger Freebie Clown”

“🗣️🗣️Just another manic MONDAAAYYYYY 🗣️🗣️

See here is the thing…. Well the hope anyway…

The more we post and catch these Five Finger Freebie Friends of ours the less they will want to come trouble us aka “clowns” so we can continue to “do our job” and catch the “real criminals” instead of “wasting” our time on shoplifters(apparently that’s not a crime AND if you’re corporate it’s ok).

Home Depot is corporate yes. However, as stated in other posts people who steal don’t just steal from big corporate places. EVEN if they do….that doesn’t make it any less illegal. Also they do have loss prevention and without them half of these thefts would never get caught. They do a great job so let’s not discount them. They are limited in what they are allowed to do.

Somerset Police Department photo.

Sooooo … once again we are asking for your help. All videos reviewed, license plates checked, fingerprints, DNA etc alllll bases covered before reaching out to our unpaid but most appreciated assistants. We also have an internal bet on how long this one will take to find. Some of you missed your calling in law enforcement 😎.

If anyone is looking for some discounted yard work meet this man. You should be able to get a great discount since he got a nice 5 finger discount on this SOD cutter from Home Depot.

After parking in the loading area of Home Depot, he went into a fenced in area and wheeled out a Classen SOD Cutter which Home Depot normally rents out. The male pushes the item over to his truck, where he asks another customer for assistance to lift it onto his tailgate.

The suspect is a middle-aged white male with a full tattoo sleeve on his right arm, as well as a possible tattoo on the right side of his neck.

The suspect vehicle is a dark colored Chevy pickup truck.

This is obviously a miscommunication and he mistakenly took this very expensive item because he didn’t see a price tag so he assumed it was free… you know what happens when you ASSUME.

Please contact Ptl. Tyler Botelho with any information regarding this male party. 508-679-2138.”-Somerset Police Department.

Somerset Police Department photo.

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