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So, You Think You Know The South Coast? Let’s Find Out!


Henry Quinlan, a man with a long history in book publishing while raising a family on the South Coast, has released this trivia book with his granddaughter, Caroline Murphy, who captained the soccer and track teams at Old Rochester, was the book’s photographer.

Quinlan packs this paperback with more than 150 pages of facts, folklore, trivia and treasures that the region has to offer, creating a mini travel guide of sorts to plenty of forgotten spots of historical importance.

With chapters dedicated to each city and town from Acushnet to Westport (or Fall River to Wareham if you prefer geographically over alphabetically) you’ll learn those hidden tidbits that contribute to the distinctness of each city or town and make for great dinner party fodder.

In his latest book on the South Coast, Quinlan’s trivia ranges from well-known facts to lesser-known insights. And of course, all the icons of the South Coast, past and present, make appearances. Murphy’s photographs will test your knowledge of buildings and objects, some of which you might notice regularly but have never learned the story behind.

The book features special sections on fishing, cranberries, notable women, folklore and concludes with Quinlan’s personal picks for the most amazing Treasures of the South Coast.

What are they? You’ll have to pick up a copy to find out. To purchase a copy visit Amazon or Omni-Pub.com where right now you can get two copies for just $15.

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