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Snell Golf: Innovation Meets Motivation


By Matthew Neumann
By Matthew Neumann

Golf is an interesting sport. It is the only activity that is universally heralded as a great getaway, a relaxing 3-4 hours away from the daily grind and a chance to catch up with friends or co-workers, yet somehow always ends in shattered confidence and frustration. Well, that is, if you’re a bogie + golfer like me. If you’re a scratch golfer then the above may be true and you can add laughing at people like me on the golf course to the list.

I have always loved playing golf but could never quite put all the pieces together. Which is why you can often find me fishing golf balls out of shallow creeks and from behind thick hedges. I get very excited when I find a muddy Titleist that was left for dead last spring. I just cant justify spending $50-$60 dollars on top-of-the-line golf balls when I’m quite certain they are going to end up in my accountants back yard just off of the 4th tee box.

We all know that using better equipment will improver your game regardless of the level you are playing at.  A few years back I finally caved in and upgraded my driver and 3 wood. It instantly improved my score and I was very pleased. It just gets too expensive and at a certain point we make sacrifices that set us back. I have always known that using a better golf ball will improve my game but, again, they are just too expensive. So I have to wait for Christmas when I will undoubtedly find some in my stocking. Then a friend of mine told me about Dean Snell and his new line of top tier golf balls made explicitly for armature golfers looking to boost their game and save some money in the process.

Dean Snell

Dean Snell, founder of Snell Golf
Dean Snell, founder of Snell Golf

If you don’t know already, Dean Snell has been in the golf ball game for 25 years. He worked for both Titleist and TaylorMade during his tenure. Dean worked on the team that created the Titleist Pro V1, which started in the mid 90’s and was released in 2000. The Pro V1 revolutionized the golf ball industry and set the standard in golf ball technology. This ball continues to be a best seller but sells for $62 a dozen on their website, too rich for my blood. Dean was also contracted to make the very first Taylor Made golf ball. He used his expertise and knowledge to develop some of the games finest products and is still named on 38 of the industries top patents.

Snell Golf

As you can imagine Dean is a golf enthusiast. Over the years he has noticed a down turn in the armature golf community. He attributes this to the average golfer just not having the financial means to continuously shell out exorbitant amounts of money for golf balls, green fees, range balls, new clubs, and all the costs that come along with playing this great sport. So he decided to leave the corporate giants and start Snell Golf. Dean brings his industry knowledge and expertise to Snell Golf balls but cuts out all of the middlemen. No corporate mark-ups, sales teams or marketing cost. His overhead is very low so the price is too. According to Dean his golf balls are “a low investment for a great product”. These golf balls are sold only online at www.snellgolf.com and all orders ship free right to your door.

Snell Golf has two golf balls to choose from.

The My Tour Ball: This ball uses the thin cast urethane cover technology that has been successful on tour. It is a multi-snell-golf-balls-my-tour-balllayered cast urethane covered tour caliber ball that has total tee to green performance for golfers of all skill levels. The ball also features a low compression high velocity core allowing lower driver spin rates and faster ball speeds for all swing speeds for longer and straighter drives. The mantle, or inner layer, works with the core and the cover to control the spin rates on the irons. The cast urethane cover is a tour proven technology that allows excellent short game spin and control while delivering soft feel and outstanding durability.

This is a top tier golf ball and sells for only $31.99 per dozen on the web site and ships for FREE.

The Get Sum: this is a high performance 2-piece golf ball that is designed for soft feel and lower spin rates. These lower spin rates help players reduce hooks and slices, and allows the ball to fly straighter and longer. A large, oversized core allows us to keep driver spin rates low, and create extraordinarily fastball speeds for all swing speeds. The soft, Surlyn® cover technology creates great feel and excellent durability. This 2-piece design allows the ball to fly straighter and make it easier to get the ball up in the air.  This is an outstanding all-around ball for players of all skill levels and sells for only $20.99 per dozen and, again, ships for FREE.

Snell-Golf-ClubIf your not sure which one is best for you Snell Golf offers a Testing Pack which comes with 6 of each for only $26.99 and, you guessed it, ships for FREE.

Dean was recently recognized in a Golf Digest article for his amazing resume in the golf ball technology industry and commended for his eagerness to produce great golf balls at affordable prices.  You can read the full article here: Golf Digest- Snell Golf.

I’ll let Dean close this one out with a great quote that has already motivated me to order some Snell Golf balls and book my next tee time:

“The motivation I have to start this company is to try to help grow the game. If I can help in any way, I can help with the cost of the golf ball. I can give you the performance and the technology that you’re looking for at an affordable price to help you go out and play more.” –Dean Snell

Now go to Snell Golf and get back on the course!


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