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New Bedford native Al Legasse started learning how to sharpen tools in his dad’s shop, Legasse Saw Service over 40 years ago!

As a history buff, I love hearing about people who do old-time jobs – sort of forgotten occupations. If you know where to look, you can find a cobbler, a haberdasher, or even a milkman. It’s increasingly difficult to come across craftsmen like there used to be in the “olden days” – a time when they were not only practical, but considered artists as well.

So when I come across one, I get excited. Almost always, these people are quite interesting characters. They can weave a story as good as they are skilled. One such character is New Bedford native, Albert Lagesse who is the owner and craftsman behind “The Sharpening Shop.” Does the surname sound familiar? It should, Lagesse Saw Service was a local icon in the 1970s until it closed. That was Al’s dad’s shop and where he learned his trade – working right alongside his dad.

Whether you use your shears as a barber, pet groomer or on a farm for alpacas, sheep, goats or other livestock, Al can make like new or better for a few bucks.

Al never stopped honing his trade – pardon the pun. He has over 40 years experience doing one thing better than anyone in the area – sharpening tools. It may seem odd in an era where people simply throw away their tools when they grow dull, and just buy another one. This tendency to dispose, is why the area’s sharpening shops have all but died out – Precision Saw, Dartmouth Saw, HMC Cutlery, Tom’s Sharpening, Depina’s, American Saw and of course, Al’s dad’s shop.

This dying art and craft is alive and well with Al. If you own something with an edge and need it sharpened, he’s the man. With Spring approaching, it’ll be time to uncover and wipe the dust (and snow) off our lawn mowers, garden shears, hedge clippers, shovels, spades, post hole diggers, hatchets, mauls, machetes and chainsaws.

Outside of the usual landscaping and yard tools, we all have kitchen knives, scissors and other household items that we use on a daily basis. If you are smashing your tomatoes when you are trying to slice them, it’s time to turn them razor sharp again. Al mentioned one customer who said she was able to slice a tomato so thin that she was able to see through it.

Meat cleavers, serrated steak knives, filet, carving knives, paring, hunting knives and more all fall under Al’s expertise. I seriously doubt there is something he hasn’t seen.

You may have spotted Al’s back windshield on your travels throughout greater New Bedford!

If you work in construction you have axes, carbide saws, chisels, plane irons, planer knives, paint scrapers, and more. If you do tree work, you have your chainsaws, hatchets, chipper knives, pole saw blades, pruning/limbing saws and chip grinders.

Are you a plumber or electrician? You’ll need those hole hawg, multi-spur bits, hole saws and drill bits sharpened and ready for the upcoming season.

If you’re a pet groomer, have a farm full of sheep, goats, or horses, or you are a barber (or do your own hair) then you know what happens when scissors, shears and clippers are dull: bloody customers. That can’t be good for business. How affordable is Al when it comes to clipper sharpening? $5 for small animal, goat hoof trimmers, or barber clippers. Grooming shears are only $8.

If you are the type that just likes to keep a pocket knife handy and you use it regularly – dulling it quickly – Al will sharpen each small blade for $1. Yes, one whopping dollar. Have a large one? Only $2.50.

Sharp tools make life easier whether you use them for everyday activities or in your chosen occupation. Easy is nice. Don’t throw away your tools.

The Sharpening Shop is conveniently located – but you can also use one of the many drop-off points or even the USPS!

Don’t buy a new knife set when you can sharpen them for the fraction of the cost of a new set – and they will be as sharp if not sharper than when you first bought them. Don’t throw away the lawn mower blade, hedge clippers or shears that are tearing and shredding – get them sharpened.

You can see a full list of items and their cost on this page.

Al’s ability is so well-known and trusty that he has a number of drop-off/pick-up locations and likely has one right near you. Live near Bourassa’s or Winberg’s True Value Hardware, Rivet Street Hardware, Al Foster’s Hardware, Renovation Rentals or Mattapoisett Power Equipment? You can drop off or pick-up your tools there.

In addition, for select items you can use the good old fashioned United States Postal Service.

Prefer to deal directly with Al? You can do that too! Give him a call and set up a time to bring your items by. He lives right on Harwich Street near Normandin Junior High School, which you can easily get to from “The Ave.”

In the photo album below, you can hover your mouse pointer to see how cheap it is to make your edge like new.

The Sharpening Shop
183 Harwich Street
New Bedford, MA
Mon-Fri: 7:00 am-7:00 pm (For calls)
Cash and personal checks are accepted.
Phone: 352.360.3889 (CELL) & 774.992.7355 (HOME)


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