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Kim Cunha photo.

“Why are sentimental items tossed in the trash at Sacred Heart Cemetery, New Bedford?”


“Sacred Heart Cemetery took all our mementos and sentimental tokens from my mom’s grave and threw them all away. This is what they do instead of calling family to tell them they are taking it?

Look at all my pictures of what they took. My mom is not coming back. Why can’t she enjoy the holidays? I would have taken them down after Halloween, I had only just put them there. I just lost my mom on October 1, 2021. I’m still grieving for my mom. Like really? I’m so hurt by this.

This is the second time that I decorated for her for Halloween. Halloween hasn’t even passed yet. Can’t they at least wait? Look at my Facebook pictures. It doesn’t look bad, I made it look beautiful, just for her. She loved the holidays so let her enjoy it. I know she sees what I’m doing, then it’s gone.

I’m just so upset. They should let you put things there for the holidays then give us some time to take them back, but no they throw everything away like it’s garbage. I want my mom out of there now because of this.

I just would like to know why we can’t have things put on markers for the holidays.”-Kim Cunha.

Kim Cunha photo.

Kim Cunha photo.

Kim Cunha photo.

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