Security cameras capture moment New Bedford High School hits game-saving goal against GNB Voc-Tech

Many were bummed out they couldn’t rewatch the moment the New Bedford Whalers hit an amazing last minute goal to tie GNB Voc-Tech in their New Bedford rivalry match. But the fine folks over at New Bedford High School dug deep and found a security camera that was able to capture the goal!

“OH NO! YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT! – Here’s a closer look at one of the best Soccer goals of the season, scored on Saturday, October 28 as the New Bedford High School Whalers tied with GNB Voc-Tech. It seemed like there was no video record of the match. But Whalers’ Edahi Mejia (24), playing right back position, made an incredible last-minute equalizer against our rivals and it is amazing. Thanks to our security cameras, we have captured the unforgettable moment for all to see! What do you think? Are the Whalers ready for the Playoffs?! #GoWhalers #WhalerPride”