2014 New Bedford 5K Santa Run

Look like fun? Up until the end of October, adults can register for the 5K for $29 through the website.

Some may be regretful to admit it, but the holiday season is just around the corner. Luckily, New Bedford hosts the perfect event for quelling that inner Grinch and helping you get into the holiday spirit: The Santa Sightings 5K.

If you live in or around the city, it’s hard to imagine that you’ve never seen this event take place on the streets of New Bedford (or one the many images shared by New Bedford Guide). It’s hard to miss thousands of runners dressed as Santa Claus running about the city. However if you’re new to the concept of the Santa Run, here’s the scoop.

What is the Santa Sightings 5K?

The Santa Sightings was started four years ago by Geoff Smith, a two-time Olympic competitor and a two-time Boston Marathon champion. Despite Mr. Smith’s impressive history as a runner, the 5K is not meant to be a grueling challenge. Instead, the event was started as a fun way to get people up off the couch and into the holiday spirit. People can run, jog, walk or even push a stroller!

What makes this 5K so special is that everyone who joins is fully clad in a Santa costume. All registered participants received a Santa suit and they complete the route in this festive attire. It is quite a sight to behold!

In addition to being a truly cheerful event, it is a great fundraiser for important community causes. For every participant over 1,500, $6.00 will be distributed evenly between the New Bedford Cultural District, Gifts to Give of New Bedford, and the South Coast YMCA.

This year the event will also be adding youth runs. There will be a 100 yard dash for children ages 6 an under, and a ½ mile run for children ages 7-12. Children who register will receive a Santa hat and a bronze medal.

This year the organizers hope to make this the biggest Santa Sighting of all times- 14,000 Santas in one location!

When and Where?

The Santa Sighting 5K will take place on December 14th at 11 AM. Registration for the event will take place at the South Coast YMCA from 5-8 PM on December 13th, as well as 7-10 AM on the 14th.

The race starts and finishes at New Bedford City Hall.

How do I sign up?

Up until the end of October, adults can register for the 5K for $29 through the website: http://www.thesightings.com/event/santa-sightings/. The price will go up to $32 after October 31st, and then up to $35 for those who register the day of.

Youth 6 and under are free to register and children ages 7-12 are $10.

For special pricing for teams of 5 or more, contact Geoff Smith by emailing: Geoff.Smith11@TheSightings.com.

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