Rayla Campbell involved in physical altercation after New Bedford Trump rally

EDIT: A video has surfaced of the confrontation. We have changed the headline and details based on the video.

Rayla Campbell, a Boston native, is a currently running for Congress against Ayanna Pressley, a member of the Massachusetts Republican Delegation 2020 and representative for the Massachusetts Black Voices for Trump Chair.

On Monday she attended a rally for President Trump and she got into a confrontation with two females.

Rayla posted on her Facebook account on Monday:

“I’m ok everyone. I appreciate all of your concern. I was involved in an incident leaving the New Bedford rally today that turned physical.

Two individuals, both female, physically confronted, and then assaulted me. I got kicked in the head and have a fractured tibia.

I’m sore, that is all. Other than that I have no idea about the two females, what’s transpired, or anything else and I haven’t talked to any media up to this point.

I’m heading home now finally, but thank you all for your well-wishes and kind words.” -Rayla Campbell.

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