PUPDATE: Massachusetts coyote puppy mistaken for a dog introduced to foster sibling

“We know you have been waiting for a pup-date on the young Eastern Coyote we have been caring for. Well, we have some exciting news: he was finally introduced to his foster sibling and they are getting along swimmingly!

She is a young female pup who was transferred to our hospital from the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island. She is about two weeks younger and a bit smaller so we have been waiting until she caught up in size to formally introduce the two.

It was a little slow at first, but once they felt each other out they quickly began to bond. Before long they were wrestling and playing with each other, which is a crucial to their normal development. Due to the size discrepancy we are not leaving them together full time yet, but they will spend a couple hours a day together so that they continue to bond. Once the female is a little larger they will move into a larger cage together where we will provide natural climbing items, enrichment activities, and regular health checks.

Our primary goal is to raise the pair as naturally as possible. When it comes time for release it is critical that they have the skills they need to survive and have a healthy fear of humans. Having a sibling to model behavior from goes a long way towards maintaining their wild instincts and we are so grateful that these two bonded so quickly.

As rewarding as this process is, it takes A LOT of resources to do it right. Each of these pups will require hundreds of hours of care and cleaning, about 300 lbs of specialty food, regular veterinary checks, and all of the preventative medications and vaccines that it takes to get them prepared to start their lives in the wild. Will you consider making a donation today to help us get them home? Follow the link here to donate.

Thank you for your support and join us in wishing these two good luck! If you have questions about peacefully existing with co-coyotes or about an animal in need please call our desk we will be happy to assist.

#easterncoyote #pupdate #fostersiblings #wildlifevetcare #naturelovers #makingprogress #goodnewsmonday.” -Cape Wildlife Center.

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