Local youth join together in “Project Sticker Shock” campaign to curtail underage drinking

On Friday, January 29, 2016, students participated with Student Resource Officer’s Leanne Fisher and Ryan Bland in a Sticker Shock Campaign with the help of Bristol County District Attorney’s Underage Drinking Task Force, The New Bedford Health Department, and a local liquor store Douglas Wine and Spirits.

Involvement included New Bedford Regional Voc-Tech and New Bedford High School students. Each student received a large bundle of stickers that said “Hey you! It is illegal to provide alcohol for people under the age of 21!” The students would place as many stickers as they could all over multi-packs of alcohol beverages to shock the community and get them to ask questions and discuss the dangers of underage drinking.

For more information on purchasing tickets, please contact Darlene Spencer at 508-994-9625 ext. 21

During this event the youth had the opportunity to work closely with police officers, the liquor stores and the public. Students made comments such as “Thank you for allowing me to be part of this, I was once going down the wrong track but its things like this that are good for me and make me feel part of something” This is when you know the collaboration and event was a great success.

Sgt. Samuel Ortega, the School Resource Supervisor, felt that this campaign is very useful and will allow kids to help make a difference. The Sticker Shock program is well aligned with the SRO mission, to provide youth the protective factors needed to help make positive decisions for their future. The mission of the growing SRO program in schools is to educate, provide informal counseling, and safety to students and teachers. The trained SRO’s are there everyday to lead by example and provide a positive image of law enforcement to youth.